I’m not sure how it happened, but this year I ended up releasing the sequels to both my cozy cat series at just about the same time. Ghost Cat on the Midway, book 2 of the Tenth Life series, came out at the end of August, and Cat’s Play, the Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries #9, will launch on National Cat Day, October 29, 2022. If you enjoy reading cat cozies (by a nice autumn fire with a cat on your lap), you’re in luck.

Ghost Cat on the Midway, a Tenth Life Cozy Paranormal #2

There’s trouble brewing at the Cove County Fair.

Camelia Collins, Ocean Cove’s most recent resident over seventy years of age, is all set to go to the fair! The smell of the popcorn, the roar of the crowd, the Ferris wheel and the pony shows—things she remembers from childhood and looks forward to experiencing again.

But something’s up at the Cove County Fair. Camelia’s new friend Alice, keeper of an aging tiger, is murdered, and the tiger goes missing. Who did it? A rogue band of aggressive animal activists seem like the obvious culprits, but they deny the act.

Only one entity knows the truth—the ghost cat Soji, but will the capricious spirit decide to come forward before someone else dies?

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5-Star Review for Ghost Cat on the Midway 

“Very awesome 2nd story in the Tenth Life series. I can’t for the next one. I will be waiting breathlessly for it.”  —Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Ghost Cat on the Midway has it all; memorable characters, an interesting and fun setting, a ghost cat, pie, and a mystery that will get you guessing! I highly recommend this book to all cozy mystery lovers!” —Christy’s Cozy Corners

Lynley faces ghosts when she moves into a dead millionaire’s mansion to care for his clairvoyant cat.

Eccentric recluse Roderick Payne has bequeathed his vast estate to little Friends of Felines cat shelter, but the gift comes with a catch. The first stipulation, to care for the dead man’s cat Winnie, is simple for Lynley Cannon, cat shelter volunteer and self-appointed cat lady. The second, however, proves more difficult.

Friends of Felines must “find Payne’s killer,” but since he died of natural causes, that will be a trick.

Lynley, charged with unraveling the enigma, discovers an unlikely ally in Winnie. The cat’s clairvoyant insights guide Lynley toward the truth, but will her findings threaten both their lives?

Preorder Cat’s Play for kindle: Paperback versions will also be available.

About Mollie Hunt:

Cat Writer Mollie Hunt is the award-winning author of two cozy series, the Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and the Tenth Life Mysteries. Her Cat Seasons Sci-Fantasy Tetralogy features extraordinary cats saving the world. Mollie also pens a bit of cat poetry.

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