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You know when you stumble upon a new cat and you immediately bond!

Well, this unknown street beauty actually put on a proper show for me.

I don’t know her/ his name but because of the grace he/ she demonstrated I will call this cat “Ballerina”.

Ballerina was hiding at first when I rocked up on the street but after a brief hesitation came over and started pirouetting for me.

It was great to see Ballerina trust me enough to show me some underbelly.

I feel with cats, it’s all about the personality that keeps you on your tows and keeps your guessing their next move.

Ballerina was fun but retained some of her mysterious charm while rolling around.

This cat let me get close but petting was out of the question. Every time I got a bit too close, Ballerina was peering suspiciously at me as if to say “No touching or else!”

Then quickly got back to being cute.

Of all the street cats I’ve come across, I’d say Ballerina is the most elegant. Playful paws, gliding tail and the most beautiful green eyes.

It lives in Oxford which means intellectual as well!

The very first time I met Ballerina, I was eating an ice cream and the cat was extra keen on trying as well. Then disappeared in a back garden. A local lady passing by said Ballerina is a regular around the neighbourhood and knows everything!

The belly looks extremely soft but looks can be deceiving as this cat is very agile and quick when it wants to be.

Try to touch him/ her and you’ll find out!

Ballerina also has a favourite place to scratch:

I try NEVER to interrupt when his/her scratching time because once I was pretty close to a nasty biting…

As a dedicated cat lover, I couldn’t resist following Ballerina around and enjoying some tummy exposure (no rubbing though!).

A very nice and friendly cat when you know you have good intentions, Ballerina will show you how fabulous he/she is.

You may spot Ballerina if you ever visit some of the small roads in Summertown, Oxford.

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