Tips to keep your cat from shedding so much hair

Tips to keep your cat from shedding so much hair

Cats are very interesting and autonomous animals. They have the ability to take care of themselves very efficiently and have a special affection for their fur. Among themselves, when they are in a group, they clean themselves in order to reach the most complicated areas such as the head or the spine area.
With their tongues they pick up a lot of hair as they are constantly combing it and then it can happen that they throw hairballs.
However, although felines take incredible care of their fur and pick up a lot of hair with their tongues, they still shed a lot more hair, especially in spring when they start to molt.
It is very normal that you will find hair in every corner of your house where your cat has been. It is true that it also depends on the cat as some shed less than others.

The point is that we perfectly understand that you want to put some order in that furry paradise and that is why we leave you some tips so that your house is not so full of hair.

What can you do to control your cat’s hair loss?

It is essential to understand that your cat will probably shed the same amount of hair. The point is not to avoid this, which is an essential aspect of how a cat’s coat works, but to know how to avoid shedding hair all over the house.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you do this because a member of the family has allergies, you must understand that the allergy does not come from the hair itself, but from the dander, which in many cases travels through the hair and that is why we associate hair and allergy.

Brush your cat several times a day.

The second thing to keep in mind is that it is essential to brush the cat two or three times a day. They will continue to clean themselves, but if we are the ones who do (with the brush) a few extra cleanings, we can ensure that it will release less hair the rest of the time when it ends up all over the house.

Find a special brush

Nowadays there are an incredible amount of brushes for cats with spikes made specifically to remove the hair that is already fallen or is about to fall. This type of brushes help a lot because you can remove all that hair that is going to fall out as it walks around the house. In addition, when you remove the hair, you group it all together and discard it.

Give quality food to your cat

It is important that we take into account the diet because a well fed cat will shed less hair. By well fed we do not mean that it is full but a cat that through its diet ingests all the necessary nutrients.

Hair loss, sometimes, can be due to not having all the necessary vitamins.

Check for parasites

The world of parasites exists and it is possible that your cat has them without you realizing it. It is important to check their skin because sometimes they may lose hair because of this.

If you have any doubts about parasites, do not hesitate to visit your veterinarian so that he can explain exactly what may be happening to your cat. You already know that good cat health is always linked to good veterinary check-ups.

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