Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Your dog can be the best thing that can happen to you and your family. It brings different joy and unity to all family members. Although dogs will give you unconditional gifts of joy, you need to take good care of them. Taking care of your dog requires more than nutrition and training. Your dog needs a balanced diet, a happy lifestyle, good exercise and regular vet visits.

The most important consideration when petting a dog is the careful choice of the vet. Your dog’s vet should be trustworthy and sympathetic. Just as your child is afraid of the dentist, your dog may feel alienated and insinuated by his doctor. Take your pet to the vet as a puppy. It also helps if you keep the same vet all his life. Your dog is somewhat familiar with his vet and being with the same doctor will make him feel comfortable with every visit.

During your vet visit, discuss the potential risks or problems your pet may face with your doctor. Explain to the vet everything you give your dog, including food, training, medication, nutritional supplements, and even whether he has a shelter.

Disease is common in dogs. Check your dog for skin and coat related problems such as ticks, fleas and worms. You can even ask your doctor to perform a stool test and check your dog’s system for viruses and worms. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your pet’s faeces with you when you go to the vet.

A doctor may prescribe medications or nutritional supplements from time to time. A vet will use a syringe to give it, especially if you have a serious illness or if your dog needs to be vaccinated. Oral drug administration also requires a cautious approach.

Your best care for your dog happens at home. Always feed your dog a balanced meal, but avoid overfeeding as this can lead to obesity, which can lead to illness and other health problems. As your dog gets older, so does his need for exercise. But make sure that the physical activity is suitable for his abilities. Dietary supplements such as chondroitin or glucosamine can help prevent arthritis.

Your dog also has social needs. Take him to the park regularly where he can meet other dogs. Most importantly, he feels like an important part of the family. Hugs, petting, tickling and fun memories mean a lot to your dog.

Memmo’s Dog Tumor Recovery Story

Memmo, has lived a good dog life for nine and a half years. This dog is full of energy and joy in his days. But one unfortunate day, when people noticed some strange behavior from Memmo, the love masters acted quickly and did what any love master would do. They decided to take their dog to the vet. It wasn’t long before the owner got some bad news from the doctor about their dog’s condition. The dog had a “big, angry tumor” in his throat, more specifically called a tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma.

The discovery came as a shock to dog owners. Without treatment, the dog’s remaining days of distress are three months or less. Even with proper treatment, a doctor can best predict that he will have to endure another 6 months which is definitely not the best day for a dog. Treatment involves radiation therapy, which neither sounds appealing nor guarantees full recovery.

Memmo is nine and a half years old and full of energy, so it’s hard for the dog owner to hear the tragic news. They were almost depressed and could no longer see Memmo suffer. They decided to look for treatment options other than radiation. They refuse to accept such final terms for their only dog. They just knew there had to be another way.

The dog owner got to know Nutree and decided to talk to Kevin about Memmo and his condition and possible treatment for their dog. Soon, after their first visit, they grew hope. Selected treatments were prescribed for their dogs, specifically to treat tumors and to feed dogs a healthier diet. They agreed to specific instructions and were told to return to the vet within two weeks for another checkup to follow up on the results.

So, after two weeks of treatment, the owner was told to take Memmo to the vet for a recheck to see if the dog’s condition had changed in any way. The owner listened carefully to Kevin’s instructions and only hoped to hear positive insights about their dog. The doctor apparently threw his glasses across the room as he cried, “Never seen anything like this in thirty years.” The dog owner was delighted to hear when the doctor reported that Memmo’s tumor had shrunk significantly. After another two weeks of treatment, the owners came back to check on progress and were pleasantly surprised to learn that the “big tumor of anger” had completely disappeared.

Before recovery, the dog was at its weakest point. Unmoved, the thin Memo weighed only seventy-six pounds. During a month of rehab, Memmo returned to a healthy 87-and-a-half pounds. Now the dog eats and becomes strong again. Energetic as usual and active as a 2 year old puppy. Enjoy his life like any dog.


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