Things you should know to understand cat jumps and falls

01. A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound. The cat’s skeleton is light, flexible but very robust, its spine (including the tail) serves to maintain balance and is the part that gives cats tremendous elasticity.

02. Cats walk on their toes, we can say that they walk on tiptoe. The bones of the feet are elongated, and as only the tips of the toes are in contact with the ground, it gives them a greater thrust when jumping.

03.Cats’ muscles act as springs. They are much more flexible than the muscles of humans and almost all other mammals.
The spring effect of the muscles allows them to achieve incredible jumping power. At the moment of jumping, all the fibers that make up the cat’s muscles contract rapidly, generating a great deal of energy.


Things you should know to understand cat jumps and falls


04. Some cats have survived falls of more than 20 meters, largely due to their “righting reflex”. The eyes and balance organs in the inner ear tell them where they are in space, so they can land on their feet. Even tailless cats have this ability.

05. Cats have relatively large surface areas in proportion to their weight, so they fall at a slower rate from great heights than larger mammals. Their bodies have evolved to allow them to survive falls from trees, their natural homes.

06. Cats, monkeys, reptiles and other creatures leap for prey and miss, tree branches break, or wind pushes them over, so evolution has made them supremely capable of surviving falls.


Things you should know to understand cat jumps and falls


07.If they have time, they twist to land on their legs.

08. Their legs are long, muscular and extended under the body, rather than going straight down, which allows them to cushion the fall.

As we have seen, cats are true athletes, but nevertheless, domestic cats in urban or suburban areas tend to be overweight and not as physically fit as a wild cat, so even if we think our cat could survive a fall from our balcony or window, it is likely to suffer a fall from a balcony or window, most likely will suffer great damage to the lungs, break a leg, a rib or even the jaw, or in the worst case, the death of our cat, so from GatoRed we try to avoid these numerous falls and we recommend our network to avoid these possible accidents.

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