These are the Most Popular Animal Tattoos in the World (& Their Meanings!)

From furry friends to scary reptiles, experts have revealed the world’s favourite animal ink.

New research by All About Cats looked at Instagram hashtags and Google searches of popular pets as well as wild animals, to reveal the world’s most popular animal tattoos.

The world’s most popular animal tattoos

The research reveals:

  • The butterfly tattoo comes out on top on our list. It symbolizes many things, including freedom, soul, love, grace, transformation, and rebirth.

  • The scarily beautiful reptile with scales is the second most popular animal for us to get inked. It represents all attributes of a snake: secretive, sneaky, sleek, and seductive.

  • Lions are the third most tattooed animals in the world. Lion tattoos represent bravery, nobility, and spirituality.

  • Cat tattoos have LOADS of posts on Instagram, meaning they’re up there with the world’s favorite animals. Cats represent resilience, that is why people believe cats have nine lives.

Doron Wolffberg, Founder of All About Cats has commented on celebrating your pets and its importance:

“Our pets love nothing more than a bit of TLC and there is no better way to do this acknowledging this unique and deserving day, dedicated to your feline friend. Those who have a strong attachment to their pet may choose to commemorate them with a tattoo. A tattoo of your pet is not uncommon, but it is one of the most passionate ways to remember them. Whether your pet  has passed away or is still with you, it’s important to memorialise the love and memories of your pets, however that may be.

When it comes to getting your pets tattooed is be creative and try to show your pet’s personality through the design of the tattoo, make sure you find a good tattoo artist, one with whom you connect with, not only style-wise but you need to be comfortable around them as they will be working on your body for your chosen art piece. Another tip is to give enough references and pictures of your pet to ensure the tattoo artist can capture their essence as correctly as possible.”

You can see the full research here.

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