There are some very important things to consider before adopting a cat.

There are some very important things to consider before adopting a cat.

Phrase “There are only two sure things in life: death and taxes.” Death is something we don’t like to talk about. Not pleasant, right? what about your cat? Have you done everything you can to make sure your cat has a great home and maintains his or her current lifestyle?

You have a lot to do for your cat. It doesn’t matter how many cats you have, or how many pets you have to care for, who will take care of them when you’re gone or can’t anymore? Talk to people in organizations that help people find new homes for pets, friends or family. Tell them what your cat likes and doesn’t like. Cat owners can spend hours talking about their cats, talking about things they like and dislike. They talk about favorite toys and food. If you are unable to care for your cat, others can use the information you provide to help them find a new home. When their pet dies, most people don’t think about what to do with their pet.


If you die or become incapacitated, determine how your assets will be stored, where they will be stored, and what will happen to them. Write this information down, but don’t stop there. You’re not done yet. If you have medical records from your vet, put it in the box. It is important to keep current medical records. Keep track of when your cat sees the vet and why. All information about allergies, medicines, etc.


Name, age, habits, favorite toys, favorite foods, and anything else your cat cares about should be on the list. What time does your cat usually wake up to start the day? What time does he or she have breakfast? What kind of waste do they like to use? What they like to do and when. It is normal for cats to take a nap often. You can write down when, where and how long your cat prefers to take a nap. Everything your cat does every day and when. As you read this summary, think of it as a conversation you had with someone about your cat. It would be great if the page continued. People can’t hear what you say.


Now that you’ve written a short story about each of your cats, it will be easier to write more. In this case, each cat should have their own summary of how they spend their time. There are many important things for new owners and cats. If you’re moving to a new place and your pet feels bad about missing you, give them as much information as possible, even if it’s something you didn’t expect. For example, if your cat likes to be petted on the head, back or stomach, tell him. Food, brand, type (dry or wet) and when each food was served. What kind of cat treats does your cat like? When you think of places where cats like to sleep, you probably think of armchairs and sofas. You can also think of cat beds, cat trees and naps. The more information you provide, the better your life will be. Toys? If so, what is it? Make a list of things your cat likes to play with. You can even buy some of their favourite toys and keep them unopened on every cat’s list. An unopened toy contains all the information necessary to replace a part, including not only the appearance of the toy but also the manufacturer and part number. Cats with favourite toys are often very upset when they lose or don’t have a toy. That’s why your cat needs the simple comfort of a favourite or familiar item to handle it without you.


Finally, make a list of everything you know about your cat. Make a list if necessary. If you have more than one cat, list each cat separately. Keep the list up to date. Make many copies and give them to someone who will take care of you after you die. Neighbours, family members, and anyone who helps your cat adjusts to the new place. Medical history, food preferences, unique habits, routines, and favourite cat toys all play a role. If you are unable to care for your cat in the future, this information will be worth over a million dollars. It now takes very little time to think about how to care for your cat in case you are unable to care for him.

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