The truth about training cats

The truth about training cats

Anyone who has owned a pet knows that owning a cat can be both rewarding and frustrating. Cats are not like dogs. They don’t follow the rules and don’t accept negative answers. As a mother of four cats and a dog, I know the ups and downs of pet ownership. It’s nearly impossible to get three of my four cats to not scratch or climb on things they shouldn’t because they are all in their teens. They will look at you because you made the sound. Then they go back to a destructive state. Many people like cats, but their four-legged friends will eat them out of the house and garden. Here are some great tips for turning them into adorable pets that everyone will love.

For the first time in your life, you don’t have to punish your cat. Even if your cat uses an expensive oriental rug as a new litter box or tears the side of a new sofa, you can’t do it by picking up your cat and punishing him for the damage. Since most bad habits happen in your absence, most cats won’t know what they’re doing wrong if you punish them. Instead of yelling at your cat, make the time you spend together fun. Play with your cat with toys, or take the time to rub your cat well. Since most bad habits are caused by boredom, playtime can help reduce boredom and possibly the bad habits that come with it.


Second, pat your cat on the back to make them behave well. It doesn’t matter if they leave your favorite plants alone or use a litter box instead of your couch. You have to catch your cats for good deeds and reward them. People should be praised and even given hospitality. That way, they only think of good things when they do something. They will do that more often in the future.


Ultimately, bad behavior won’t make your cat happy. Make your cat exhibit bad behavior that makes him uncomfortable by finding a way to make it difficult for him. If they have scratched your couch, you need to find a way to make them stop. Because every cat is different, every cat reacts differently to deterrents. Some cats don’t like double-sided tape, but others can keep doing bad things as if the tape didn’t exist at all. If you try again and again, you will eventually discover what works best for your cat.


People will love your cat if you follow these tips. These are just a few. Take the time to reward your cat for good behavior, and soon your cat’s bad habits will be a thing of the past.

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