The Equipment Your Sighthound Needs

Should you’re fortunate sufficient to personal a sighthound, or have simply come throughout one in your life, you will have seen that they’ve a number of distinctive options that make them stand out from different breeds of canine. What chances are you’ll not notice nevertheless is that with these distinctive traits, comes some distinctive wants, particularly when it comes to the tools we’d like for our sighthounds.

What’s a sighthound?

Firstly, let’s simply be sure we’re on the identical web page about what a sighthound is. 

Sighthounds are an historical group of canines which are recognized for his or her sight, pace and agility. They’re one of many few breeds that hunt utilizing sight and might see far into the gap and boast an insane 270 diploma subject of view! Mixed with prime speeds of as much as 45 miles per hour, it’s no marvel that these canines made such nice looking companions for our ancestors.

Right this moment, we see these canines extra as pets and their distinctive personalities shine by way of. They’re the quickest sofa potatoes you’ll ever meet and are recognized for his or her humorous quirks, and their impartial however light nature. Most typical sighthound breeds at present embody however usually are not restricted to the greyhound, whippet, saluki, lurcher, Afghan hound, Podenco, Galgo and extra.

Why do sighthounds want sure tools?

Sighthounds are distinctive in additional methods than one, but it surely principally comes right down to their physique form. They’re characterised by their smooth, slender our bodies and heads, deep chests, slim waists, and lengthy highly effective legs. Due to this, it could make conventional tools exhausting to make use of with a sighthound which doesn’t take their distinctive form into consideration, however we’ll discover that extra in depth under.

What collars must you use with a sighthound?

While a conventional collar could also be high quality for informal use round the home and for attaching ID tags, it isn’t going to be proper for walks, and there’s a number of causes for this.

Firstly, it is vitally prone to slip proper off. Attributable to a sighthound’s slim head, there isn’t the pure barrier that you’d discover with say a Labrador the place the top is considerably greater than the neck, so the collar can slip proper off.

The opposite concern is that sighthounds are quick, and I imply actually quick. In addition they have slim, fragile necks, a recipe for catastrophe. Most conventional collars are solely about 1” thick in order that concentrates any pulling drive round a really small floor space and that’s not protected for our sighthounds. You need a collar at the least 1.5” thick, probably 2” for bigger breeds to unfold the drive over a bigger floor space.

So, as a substitute you’ve got a number of choices for collars you should utilize together with your sighthound.

Leather-based hound collars:

You may additionally see these referred to as fishtail collars, and they’re notably good for sighthounds. They’re slim on one facet to maintain them light-weight, and extensive on the opposite facet the place strain is utilized, as much as 2” extensive in some situations. As beforehand talked about, we would like this extra floor space if we’re utilizing a collar with our sighthounds to alleviate among the strain ought to they pull or lunge at something, which is kind of frequent as sighthounds have an extremely excessive prey drive.

These don’t fully clear up the slipping out concern although, which brings us on to the subsequent choice.

Martingale collars:

These will also be referred to as sighthound collars as a result of the design is ideal for sighthound breeds. They’re usually thicker than conventional collars, which once more, is nice, however in addition they have a design that stops a sighthound from slipping out of them.

A martingale collar consists of two loops, one which goes over the canine’s head, and one other that the lead attaches too. When your canine pulls or tries to again out of the collar, this pulls the second loop which tightens the primary loop round your canine’s neck. This prevents it from having the ability to slip off, and as quickly as your canine stops pulling, the strain is relieved and it returns to a pleasant unfastened becoming collar once more.

martingale collar

Some individuals marvel if that is merciless because it sounds a bit like a choke chain, however it’s fully completely different. They’re designed to solely tighten by a small quantity, simply sufficient to cease it slipping off however not sufficient to be uncomfortable, and are often made out of smooth supplies. 


Some individuals favor collars for his or her sighthounds and that’s high quality, however at Snootiful Hound we do suggest a superb sighthound harness for lots of the identical issues we’ve already made.  Primarily, it doesn’t simply scale back strain on the neck, it removes it altogether. That is particularly essential if you wish to use an extended lead as you need to by no means connect an extended line to your canine’s collar. 

So will any harness do for a sighthound? No, they’ve distinctive wants right here too! It received’t shock you to listen to that sighthounds are additionally liable to slipping out of conventional harnesses – belief me, my rescue Saluki Blondie used to do it ALL the time! The explanation for that is that they’ve massive barrel-y chests, so if the harness slips ahead in the direction of the entrance legs, it leaves a giant hole. Once more, their slim heads make it simple for them to suit by way of this hole, and rapidly you’ve got a sighthound on the unfastened! They don’t name sighthounds the Houdini’s of the canine world for nothing!

As an alternative, you need a harness with an escape proof design utilizing 3 straps, the place the third strap tucks behind the chest. This prevents it from slipping forwards.

A black harness with straps

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Sighthounds are additionally very delicate as they haven’t any physique fats and a few breeds even have little or no fur, which suggests no pure cushioning. That makes it very important to deal with your hound to a pleasant padded harness. You want it to be padded on the chest piece, chest strap, and stomach strap if selecting an escape proof design.

A last consideration on consolation is that you really want a y-shaped entrance as this may forestall the harness from rubbing across the pits. It could sound foolish, however I see this downside always when sighthound homeowners use harnesses which have a large chest plate.


Fortunately, leads are fairly easy with sighthounds, any lead will do so long as it’s robust sufficient to deal with your canine’s exercise. There’s only a few issues to bear in mind.

  1. Don’t connect an extended result in a collar, ever.
  2. Your canine is quick – watch out with any lead longer than about 1.5m. They’ll attain prime speeds in only a few strides and so they might pull you over when you’re not paying consideration.

Many individuals additionally use a double ended lead with their sighthound as this offers them further management which is particularly helpful in case your hound is reactive and likes to drag. You merely connect one finish to the collar to redirect them, and the opposite to the harness to behave as a brake so you possibly can safely deliver them to a cease.


Sighthounds are as distinctive as they’re particular, and it’s our job to pay attention to this. With simply this fundamental data try to be forward of the sport and prepared for a life full of love and pleasure alongside your sighthound companion.

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