Ten Years’ Time (sun sun sun)

The place do you see your self in 10 years?

Clearly I hope that Cat Daddy shall be round for lots longer than simply ten years however, once we speak about rising older, he all the time says, “Once I’m lengthy gone, you’ll in all probability dwell alone with twenty-five cats, scaring the native kids away with an enormous stick.”

He says this as if I should be insulted. However … cats galore? Children leaving me the hell alone? I see no drawback with any of this.

Nevertheless, opposite to the standard Cat Freak Code of Conduct, I don’t assume extra is all the time higher in terms of cats. Firstly, you see all the difficulty I’ve with only one; the considered the identical bother multiplied by two or extra makes me really feel fairly faint.

Secondly, cats talk with one another utilizing their Creepy Kitty Sixth Sense. The extra cats you’ve, the larger the possibilities of them ganging up on you, then killing you in your sleep and making it appear like pure causes.

A few years in the past, I visited a buddy in Tyneside, who has 5 cats. Though they had been all totally beautiful and I beloved spending the afternoon with them, when meal time got here and so they all began howling in unison, I used to be scared. Anybody who has ever lived with or close to a cat will know that heart-wrenching, demonic sound. And the truth that they had been all tuxedo cats in some way made it extra scary, as in the event that they had been members of some gang or secret society (albeit a really smartly-dressed one).

So, later in life, it’s very possible that one can find me sharing my home with a cat, however it’s going to undoubtedly be simply the one. I doubt if will probably be Louis Catorze since, by then, the UFO that left him behind will in all probability have stopped by to gather him and take him again to his dwelling planet. That stated, if the little sod determined to dwell endlessly simply to spite us all – possibly time passes in another way wherever he comes from, and our “endlessly” is their “common”? – it wouldn’t be a shock, would it not?


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Alien beast.

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