Symptoms that indicate that your cat is jealous

Symptoms that indicate that your cat is jealous

Cats can feel a wide range of emotions. What happens is that we can’t always identify them in the same way we would with a human because felines have a different way of expressing them.
However, this does not mean that we cannot know how they feel. The key is to study their behavior and luckily, nowadays, there is a lot of information that you can read to get into the world of feline body language.

How does your cat show that he feels jealous?

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you feel that your cat got angry? Maybe because you didn’t give him that piece of ham he was about to get or because you didn’t pet him as much as he wanted.

Felines have emotions, they just express them in different ways. Also, cats have an intense sense of territory and that’s why they can develop the jealousy we’re talking about.

There are cats and cats, it is true. There are those who are normally very independent and do not need to spend much time with their favorite human, and there are those who do not want to let a moment go by without being by your side. However, we agree on one thing and that is that it is one thing to want to spend little time and another thing not to spend time.

If you perceive that your cat (even if he has always been independent) is now 100% independent, it is probably because he is angry for some reason that escapes you. Maybe you have petted too much some other kitten?

Remember that all cats give off pheromones that are like identity cards. Each cat has a unique scent and they recognize each other that way. If your cat has smelled you and you smell another cat, too bad!

They seem to have lost their appetite

Be very careful with this because felines are very sensitive animals on a psychological level. It is true that he may have become angry with you, but if he is not eating, he is probably suffering a lot of stress due to an issue that you do not know or maybe you know where it may come from.

The most important thing in these cases is to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible and analyze what may be stressing him. It is true that it can also be due to a physical illness. Stopping eating is one of the main symptoms that something is not right.

They are more irritable

This is one of the best known symptoms. When your cat gets angry with you, he is not in the mood for jokes and that is why, for example, he will not want you to pet him. The first time, he will probably emit a pitiful meow and turn around to look at you with an unfriendly face.

But the second time he’ll probably snort at you and walk away. This means that, in effect, he’s mad at you so let’s see how you fix it.
If this snorting behavior continues, then it may be due to other more serious issues and you should see your veterinarian for a check-up. Sometimes when a feline is in pain they may tend to snort as they don’t have as much energy to be patient with others.

Your cat is becoming territorial

If your cat always used to pee in the litter box and now he is peeing all over the house, he has caught you with another cat. As we mentioned in the first point, your cat can smell you even when you are out of the house (just kidding; thank goodness he can’t).

But it is true that he can smell you as soon as you enter the house and we all know that getting rid of the cat smell has to be complicated because they shed a lot of hair and their pheromones are everywhere.

If you have touched another cat and you enter the house, there is a probability that he gets angry and feels he has to mark the territory to compensate for the other cat having left his scent on you.

Doesn’t want to play with you

It is important to qualify this and it is that he does not want to play “with you”. That is to say, if there are more of you in the house, you will notice how he plays with everyone, except you. It is a way of making you the “law of silence” cat version.

Of course, it’s not that they process it that way, it comes out by itself. It’s their instinct taking revenge on you. If this happens, use all your creativity to make them choose you again.

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