Superpowers Cats Are Thankful For

Cats have a gift for seeing favorable and unfavorable opportunities and applying the “what’s in it for me?” factor. If cats were asked what they were grateful for this Thanksgiving, they’d say their superpowers. Cats are grateful for each one. Here are six of them.


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How many times have we wondered, “How is that cat going to fit inside that tiny box?” Probably only once, because after we’ve seen this superpower in action, we shed all doubt.

Kitties have all the confidence in the world that they can maneuver their nimble bodies into containers of almost any size. Even if they don’t fit perfectly, they have no shame in letting fluff and various appendages dangle outside the boundaries. Nothing is too small or oddly shaped for a cat to pretzel his way into it. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that kind of flexibility and self-confidence?

X-ray vision

Felines use their superpower of X-ray vision to see through walls. It’s true! How else do they know we’re putting fresh sheets on the bed and will require their “help?” How could they pop out of dead sleep on one side of the house and see us through a closed bathroom door on the other side? There’s only one explanation: X-ray vision. Cats are eternally grateful.


Kitties are master manipulators, and they wield that superpower like mighty, self-obsessed, little warriors. Seriously, who’s better than cats at controlling our thoughts and emotions?

We think we’re going to read a book, but suddenly there’s a cat lying on top of the pages, stealing the spotlight. How did that happen? And so quickly?

Of course, we oblige with pets and cuddles because we’ve been manipulated to believe it’s what we wanted all along. Really, how arrogant are we to assume we operate with complete autonomy? Cats know the truth, and they are grateful for it.


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How do cats know we’re about to arrive home even before we pull into our driveway? They can’t read clocks, yet they know exactly when it’s mealtime, and they laser-eye us until we feed them. How do we explain their sense that it’s the perfect time for midnight zoomies just as we’ve fallen into deep slumber? There’s only one explanation: ESP. All cats possess the superpower of extrasensory perception, and they’re thankful for using it to regularly frustrate us and freak us out.


Kitties have a magical power to make themselves invisible. Or they think they do and we play along with them. “Concealed” behind a window drape with the full length of the tail exposed? Invisible! Standing on the kitchen counter, “hiding” behind a fruit bowl? Invisible! They’re especially thankful for this superpower on Thanksgiving when they jump onto the dining room table and use their cloak of invisibility to score some turkey bits and dinner rolls.


One superpower we humans all appreciate is a kitty’s ability to sense our feelings and respond with the perfect “therapy.” They know when we’re sad or sick, and come in for a cuddle. They know when we’re overworking ourselves and sit directly on top of us, making us slow down and relax. Just when we think our lives are in complete shambles, they give us a loving look that assures us everything’s going to be OK. Who wouldn’t be grateful for that?

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