Purrsday Poetry: Feelings for a Feline

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Ritu:

“Feelings for a Feline”

He looks at me

With soulful eyes

They make him seem 

So terribly wise

A look that takes

Your breath away

And eyes that seem

To want to say

Why can’t I eat

What you have got?

Why can’t I sleep

Upon the cot?

When can I

Go out to play?

Will you leave me

Alone today?

My darling boy

Why can’t you see

You’re wholly part

Of this family!

You might be furry

And we’re not

But love for you,

There is a lot.

Ritu 2015 (Original posted on But I Smile Anyway)


If you would like to enter your own poems for Purrsday Poetry don’t forget to email info@katzenworld.co.uk



Photo Credit: Pinterest


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