Purrsday Poetry: Cat as Radiant Being…

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Raffi Lido.

Cat as luminous creature-otherworldly, ethereal, mystical, magical mischief. Woven into my life as tapestry. As poetry. Cat as clown, acrobat full of somersault bringing laughter. Dizzying, dazzling dervish and yet such majesty. Cat as the light at the end of my autism-chipping away at the walls around me- bringing me into the world. Cat as perfection – my bridge, enchantment, friend, champion. Always grace and redemption. You will have the best I can give and I will never stop learning to do better by you. I will know your bones, your blood , your flesh and your every need met. I will know all your secrets, your history, heritage and entirety. I will nurture and treasure you as hero and rescuer. All I can know about you will see us to complete bond. Wild and lovely; you are. You have given me escape, love , freedom. Cat as key to open my life’s door. Let us go and live it together in full awareness and appreciation of one another. All I am is cats. Raffi Lido

cat and moon

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