Practical guide on how to remove a tick from a dog

Practical guide on how to remove a tick from a dog

Ticks are often a nightmare not only for the pet, but also for its owner. First of all, it is important to prevent their bite, but in the case that you have been hooked, you need to know how to act about it. So, keep reading because we are sure you will be interested in How to remove a tick from a dog?

It is important that you are aware of how dangerous these parasites can be, as they can cause serious diseases such as Lyme disease, and in extreme cases, if left untreated, could lead to the death of the animal.

The good news is that tick bites (and other insect and parasite bites) can be prevented with appropriate products such as those from Frontline. Without going any further, Frontline Tri-Act is designed to repel and protect your dog against such bites. Its application, even in winter, is the best prevention in these cases.

But what if we have not used Frontline Tri-Act and we have found a tick on our pet? Let’s see what to do in these cases.

How to remove a tick from a dog?

If we find a tick on our pet, in any area, we must remove it quickly. These parasites are usually the size of a grain of rice, but if they are not removed in time, they can feed and continue to grow until they double in size and cause great discomfort to our best friend.

If you are wondering how to remove a tick from a dog, the guidelines are quite simple and will not take too much time. The first thing to do, as we said, is to locate it and make sure there are no more in less visible areas of the body. What to do next?

Look to where the tick is stuck, as you will have to pull at the same angle to remove it from your dog’s body.

Place your dog comfortably, if necessary with the help of another person. It is common for him to be restless, so be patient and affectionate with him.

With small tweezers (in the market you even have specific tweezers for such a case) pull backwards at the same angle where the tick is placed. Do it in a forceful way, to avoid that the head remains inside the skin of your pet, and with the tweezers as close as possible to the body of the animal. Take your time to do it well.

Once removed, kill the tick to prevent it from returning to your dog.

Cure the small wound left on your dog with a gauze and some betadine.

There you go! Watch, as we pointed out before, that your pet has no more ticks on his body, and start with an appropriate anti-parasitic treatment to stop and prevent the attacks of such annoying bugs.

If you were wondering how to remove a tick from a dog, you already have a practical guide on how to do it! Follow these simple steps and protect your furry friends.

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