Online Course: Cat Care for Life – An Introduction to Feline Health

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As owners and cat professionals, caring for our cats and keeping them healthy is a huge part of our lives.

This online course will give you an introduction into how we can work alongside veterinary professionals to keep cats healthy by helping to prevent disease throughout their lifetimes, knowing the signs and symptoms of diseases that can make our cats sick and knowing how best to look after them to ensure they receive the best care possible.

The course focuses heavily on different diseases that cats can get meaning you will be equipped with knowledge on how to recognise the symptoms of a range of common infectious and non-infectious diseases in cats and understand how your vet may make a diagnosis and potential treatment options for different diseases.

If you work with cats, own them or just have a general interest in cats then this course is for you!

Course Outline

Module 1: Preventative health care for cats
Prevention is better than cure! This module looks at what to look for when seeking the best veterinary care for our cats, ways to help prevent disease in our cats and how to monitor our cat’s health as they age.

Module 2: Common non-infectious diseases in cats
Recognising signs and symptoms of disease is hugely important to caring for our cats. Knowing the symptoms and clinical signs of common diseases can mean earlier intervention and more successful treatment. This module focuses on common non-infectious diseases and recognising signs of pain in cats.

Module 3: Common infectious diseases in cats
Infectious diseases put a cat’s health at risk as these diseases can spread between cats. This is particularly important for cats in multi-cat homes or residing in boarding or rescue facilities. Knowing the common signs of these infectious diseases means the risk of spreading disease can be reduced.

Module 4: Administering common medications and first aid for cats
This module takes you through cat friendly handling techniques to make administering medications and veterinary handling less stressful for cats. It also identifies common hazards that cats face in their environments and equips you with what to do in an emergency.

Module 5: Nutrition and feeding behaviour in cats
Cats have important nutritional requirements that we need to recognise to help keep them healthy at different stages of their lives. By also understanding a cat’s natural feeding behaviour we can provide food in a way that suits their needs and improves their health and welfare by reducing the risk of obesity.


Really interesting and great mix of reading and videos.

I loved it! Thank you.

Thank you for designing this fabulous course…..I would definitely recommend this course to all who is involved with cats.

Course Features

  • On-Demand – Instant access to start the course as soon as you have completed your purchase.
  • Self-Paced – Allows you to study at your own pace without set deadlines.
  • Test your knowledge – At the end of each module, there is a short quiz which you need to pass to move on to the next module.
  • Access for 6 months – from the date of your purchase to complete the course
  • Downloadable Certificate – you will receive an instant downloadable certificate on completion

Further Info

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