Newfoundland Dog Breed Guide and Pet Insurance Plan

Introduction to Newfoundlands

One of the beloved breeds of canines on the planet is the Newfoundland, a canine that obtained its identify from its origins in Newfoundland, Canada. It is a large canine that may weight greater than a human grownup, with a robust work ethic to match. But these are well-tempered canines that make glorious household companions and have even been known as “nanny canines” due to how good they’re with kids.

Newfoundlands are among the many largest canine breeds that exist, which might pose distinctive challenges for individuals who carry them into their houses. However in case you’re prepared for a big canine with a number of love to present, then learn on to be taught extra concerning the Newfoundland breed and how one can take the perfect care of your canine’s well being.

Measurement of Newfoundlands

The Newfoundland’s measurement is one among its most defining traits since this canine reaches an grownup weight between 130 to 150 kilos for males and 100 to 120 kilos for females. The typical grownup male Newfoundland stands 28 inches tall, whereas the common grownup feminine is 26 inches tall.

In contrast to many canine breeds, Newfoundlands don’t sometimes cease rising till concerning the age of two years. That is nicely after most canine breeds have reached their grownup weight and top. Changing into obese is a major threat for giant canine breeds, such because the Newfoundland. Due to this fact, pet dad and mom should maintain a detailed examine on Newfoundlands’ weight and talk about food regimen and train methods with a veterinarian.

Right here’s how massive you possibly can anticipate your Newfoundland to get because the canine grows from puppyhood to maturity:  

Weight Chart 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 24 months
Male Newfoundlands 41-54 lbs. 74-87 lbs. 102-114 lbs. 114-130 lbs. 130-150 lbs.
Feminine Newfoundlands 38-46 lbs. 59-71 lbs. 75-84 lbs. 92-106 lbs. 100-120 lbs.
Newfoundland dog on the couch.

Newfoundlands are hardworking canines which can be sturdy and aware of folks. They’re delicate mannered and mild giants which can be loyal and dedicated to the folks they love. These canines get pleasure from each land and water, they usually require train to take care of a wholesome weight and cardiovascular system. Newfoundlands do nicely in chilly climate however not sizzling climate, and they don’t like being left alone for lengthy durations of time. These affectionate canines are recognized to be massive shedders and heavy droolers, however they’re additionally simple to coach and really prepared to please their relations.

As you get to know a Newfoundland’s persona, right here’s what you possibly can anticipate primarily based on his or her breed traits:

Breed Attribute Stage (Excessive, Medium, Low)
Affectionate with Folks Excessive
Good with Youngsters Excessive
Good with Pets Medium
Want for Train Medium
Power Stage Medium
Intelligence Stage Medium
Capable of Be Educated Excessive
Quantity of Barking Medium
Quantity of Shedding Excessive
Newfoundland dogs swimming

Historical past of Newfoundlands

As their identify suggests, Newfoundlands originated in Newfoundland, Canada and had been shipboard working canines for Canadian fishermen. These canines grew to become prized sea canines as a result of they’re nice swimmers with partially webbed toes. They’re additionally sturdy sufficient to truly save a person from drowning after falling overboard a ship! There have been many legends handed down by the generations about Newfoundland canines who served as rescuers within the chilly waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Newfoundlands have labored to haul fishing nets off boats and carts of fish to the market. They’re splendidly dedicated to their human companions and have been used for looking and guarding duties as nicely. Along with their presence in North America, Newfoundlands are well-liked in Europe and had been extensively bred in England as soon as exported abroad.

Over time, the Newfoundland has been featured in books and tv exhibits. For instance, there was a fictional Newfoundland canine in Peter Pan who served as a nanny for the Darling household. This illustration is fairly correct too since Newfoundland are light and loving to kids as pure protectors.

Newfoundland Normal Info

The American Kennel Membership has established breed normal data for the Newfoundland in order that these canines will be judged at exhibits and competitions. Total, this sweet-dispositioned canine is devoted, can serve many functions, and is able to arduous work and even saving lives. Newfoundlands have a thick coat, a robust muscular construct, and a dignified look. Any deviation from these traits is taken into account to be a fault for the breed.

Right here is an summary of the breed normal data for Newfoundlands:

Newfoundland dog on white background.


  • Large, broad cranium, barely arched crown
  • Delicate expression with intelligence and dignity
  • Clear reduce muzzle, broad all through its size
  • Ears comparatively small and triangular
  • Eyes are darkish brown
  • Tooth have a scissors or stage chunk

Neck, Topline, Physique:

  • Sturdy and nicely set neck on the shoulders
  • Again is powerful, broad, and muscular
  • Tail set follows pure line of the croup


  • Shoulders muscular and nicely laid again
  • Elbows straight under highest level of withers
  • Ft proportionate to physique
  • Dewclaws could also be eliminated


  • Highly effective, muscular, and closely boned
  • Hocks nicely let down
  • Ft much like entrance toes
  • Dewclaws ought to be eliminated


  • Flat, water resistant, double coat
  • Outer coat is coarse and reasonably lengthy
  • Undercoat is mushy and dense
  • Hair on face and muzzle is brief and high-quality


  • Coloration secondary to sort, soundness, and construction
  • May be black, brown, grey, and white and clean blended


  • Good attain, sturdy drive, easy energy
  • Easy and rhythmic
  • Steadiness of entrance and rear
  • Slight roll of the pores and skin is attribute of this breed throughout motion

Caring for Newfoundlands

The Newfoundland will not be an residence canine and desires ample area to maneuver round a house. This canine wants a reasonable quantity of train, and Newfoundlands thrive in areas the place they will each stroll on land and swim within the water. A Newfoundland loves an excellent journey, so pet dad and mom ought to stimulate the canine’s physique and thoughts with loads of time exploring the good outdoor.

Listed below are some normal ideas for taking the perfect care of a Newfoundland:

Finest Residing Environments:

  • Bigger houses with yards
  • Not supreme for small flats
  • Nice with kids and retirees

Sort of Train:

  • Average quantity of train day by day
  • Walks are usually higher than runs for this breed
  • Swimming in protected our bodies of water
  • Path climbing with relations

Psychological Enrichment:

  • Hikes with attention-grabbing issues to smell and see
  • Cuddles and affection from relations at house
  • Canine sports activities and agility coaching

Coaching Methods:

  • Simple to coach and desirous to please
  • Fast learners with coaching workout routines
  • Begin coaching early to forestall laziness later within the canine’s life

Grooming Suggestions:

  • These are heavy shedding canines
  • Canines will blow their coats within the spring and fall
  • Must be brushed day by day
  • Wash fur commonly at any time when particles collects within the fur or it develops an odor
  • Newfoundlands are susceptible to drooling
Newfoundland dog head

Widespread Well being Issues of Newfoundlands

As a normal rule, very giant canine breeds are inclined to have decrease life expectations than smaller breeds. The typical life expectancy for a Newfoundland is 9 to 10 years. The nationwide breed membership for the Newfoundland recommends that these canines get examined with a hip analysis, elbow analysis, cystinuria DNA check, and cardiac examination, and that breeders take into account testing for patellar luxation, ocular (eye) illness, and hypothyroidism.

These are a few of the commonest well being points that come up with Newfoundlands:

  • Addison’s illness (adrenal gland hormonal situation)
  • Cataracts
  • Subvalvular aortic stenosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cherry eye
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Most cancers
  • Gastric torsion
  • Cystinuria
  • Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament

As you possibly can see from this listing of examples, the Newfoundland is susceptible to fairly just a few medical points situations. At Wholesome Paws, we’re happy to supply pet medical insurance that covers genetic and hereditary situations, in addition to breed-specific situations, emergency care, accidents, sicknesses, and various care.

Food plan and Diet for Newfoundlands

The Newfoundland is a giant canine, so you possibly can anticipate to feed this breed massive meals. The advisable day by day quantity of meals for an grownup Newfoundland is 4 to 5 whole cups of dry pet food per day, although the precise amount will differ primarily based on the caloric density of your canine’s food regimen. This whole quantity ought to be divided into two meals per day, and canines shouldn’t be fed proper earlier than or after train to forestall gastric torsion, also called bloat.

The place to Undertake or Buy Newfoundlands

Are you curious about adopting or buying a Newfoundland of your very personal? Listed below are some sources to think about in your seek for a brand new canine:

Associated Breeds

Should you love large canine breeds just like the Newfoundland, then you may also have an interest to study different comparable and associated breeds of canines. Listed below are some breeds to learn extra about earlier than deciding on a kind of canine to carry into your life and welcome to your own home.

Pet Insurance coverage for Newfoundlands

Along with ample train, loads of high quality time with relations, and shut consideration to food regimen, among the finest issues you are able to do to handle your Newfoundland’s well being is to get a Wholesome Paws pet insurance coverage plan. We provide Newfoundland medical insurance that lets you see any licensed vet and submit vet invoice claims by our handy app.

Get your Newfoundland insurance coverage quote in the present day to take nice care of your furry good friend’s well being.

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