New PetRehomer Adoption Platform Battles Rising Abandonment of Pets

PetRehomer reduces the likelihood of adoption scams and neglect cases, acting as the Tinder to match animals with forever homes

London, UK, 24 November 2022 – The cost-of-living crisis is forcing our nation of animal lovers into impossible corners, and many are starting to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their four-legged friend. PetRehomer is a new breed of non-profit adoption platform that makes adoption safer and easier for people who can no longer keep their pet – whether the reason is financial, medical, or circumstantial. PetRehomer reduces the likelihood of scams and neglect cases, and unlike other adoption platforms, focuses entirely on pet welfare over profit.

Few people in the awful position of having to give up a pet understand just how corrupt the pet adoption industry is, and how easy it is to be scammed. “People often resort to commercial pet-selling websites such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree,” says PetRehomer founder Colleen Long. People looking to re-home their pet on these sites are not given the resources to know who they are selling to. This can result in horror stories, including pets who enter neglectful and abusive homes, are sold on for profit, and some that have even been used for meat, bait and dogfighting.

PetRehomer offers a route to safety, and a way to responsibly take care of finding a new home for the rehomer’s pet, vetting the adopters to ensure the wellbeing of the pet. Colleen wants to educate people around the importance of using and advocating for the right channels if something does go wrong and someone needs to rehome a pet, and bring awareness to #AdoptDontShop as a sustainable and more ethical way to find the right pet.

A desperately needed win-win-win for re-homers, adopters, and pets

PetRehomer’s secure and innovative platform provides a responsible and safe opportunity for people to rehome their pets and makes adoption a simple process. Owners looking to give up their pet can set up a full pet profile and the PetRehomer service will help connect them to screened adopters. The chosen prospective adopter pays the adoption fee through the platform, which is safely held until PetRehomer completes its home check process.

If the rehomer chooses to proceed with the adopter, the adopter would then meet the pet and decide if they want to take it home. If they don’t get on with the pet, or the rehomer changes their mind, a full refund is issued, so there’s no financial risk involved.

“We make sure that potential adopters are correctly set up to adopt a pet,” said Colleen. “It’s very difficult for people to know all the right questions to ask would-be adopters, especially when there are so many scams around. Our platform and in-depth home checks ensure that people understand how to properly care for the pet, will give them the right food, space, exercise, veterinary care, and have someone to look after them when they go on holiday, for example.”

It’s important to add that the adoption fees are paid to the charity to fund the ongoing costs of the platform, and are also used by the charity to help more animals in need. Rehomers do not receive any payment – it’s how the PetRehomer platform helps reduce people selling pets or scamming, by encouraging adopters to follow its guided process.

PetRehomer success story and interview with Colleen on request.

About PetRehomer: 

Charity Buddy is a registered charity in England, no 1189284. One of its charitable objectives is to implement a national pet adoption platform. PetRehomer is the pet adoption platform brand name and will be governed and run by Charity Buddy. For more information, visit our Facebook page @PetRehomerUK


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