Most surprising cat breeds

Most surprising cat breeds

Our favorite felines are a species as adorable as they are unique. Did you know that there are more than 50 breeds of cats spread all over the world? Yes, as you read it. It seems impossible to recognize or identify each and every one of them, but in today’s post we’ll tell you about the most unknown cat breeds – you’re sure to love them!


Large cat breeds: Savannah cat

This cat breed is one of the most exotic and rare that exists on our planet. It is the result of a genetic manipulation between the domestic cat and the African serval; that is to say, a domesticated animal and a wild one. Its appearance is very similar to that of a leopard: a large and muscular body, striped fur and black spots, large ears and long legs. It is the largest cat breed in existence, but its size can vary.

If you are wondering if this animal can be domesticated, the answer is open: for some, yes, for others, no. It is an animal that can be tamed. It should be noted that this is an animal that requires constant exercise, which implies the need for adequate space to do so (they can jump more than two meters high). Unfortunately, it is one of the felines with the highest rate of abandonment once they reach adulthood.


Munchkin: the cat with short legs

The short legs of this feline breed are due to a completely natural and spontaneous mutation. They were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, but have been generally known relatively recently. In 1994 it was admitted to the breeding program of “The International Cat Association”. Unlike most cats with genetic mutations, these cats are no more prone than other breeds to health problems.

What stands out most about this breed of cat is, as mentioned, the low height of their legs. This is the hallmark of the breed. Their ears are very large, their eyes are almond-shaped and their tail is as long as their body.

This cat breed is characterized by a calm and very sociable character, but also proactive and playful. Contrary to what one might think, their paws do not limit their mobility.


Laperm cat: a curly-haired breed

This breed, originally from the United States, also corresponds to a completely natural mutation. In 1986, in a litter of common cats, there was only one kitten born hairless. It wasn’t until 8 weeks later that he began to grow a soft, curly coat. Within months, he had the full curly coat that characterizes this rare breed outside the USA.

LaPerm cats are a calm and sociable breed, seeking the company of humans. They are affectionate, but also seek affection in return. There are no hereditary diseases typical of the breed, at least for the moment.


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