Make a cat toy yourself

Cats are more intelligent than we think, that is why it is convenient to have at hand homemade toys that help them to stimulate and work the feline’s intelligence, avoid boredom and prevent behavioral problems.


There are different types of toys. Some are designed for cats who love aerial games, others for cats attracted by terrestrial chases, but the most important are those that help stimulate the cat’s mind. These toys are the ones that will help the cat to think, solve problems and develop its intelligence and personality as it needs.


These intelligent toys can be bought in specialized pet stores but it is also possible to make them at home with paper rolls, a tupper or a cardboard box.


Although domestic cats do not need to hunt for food, they also need to chase objects to maintain their psychological health.

One of the toys that most stimulates their hunting instinct, is very simple to make: to a toothpick that can be those used in Chinese restaurants, we place a son of about 30 cm long and at the other end a few feathers and even a rattle. You will see how much fun you will have with your kitten.

This great toy made with a cardboard box is one of the most interesting and economical proposals for the demanding mind of the cat.


To make this toy for our cat we will use a simple cardboard box. We will make holes in it with the help of a glass and we will put the ball through one of the holes.

We can put some balls of feed to make this puzzle even more attractive for the most gluttonous kittens.

The cats will have fun planning their strategy to catch the ball and its rewards with the help of their paws.


To make the following toy we will need:


-A cardboard box

-A glass



-Small ball

-Cat food pellets

You can be guided by the following image:


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