Important Elements to Consider When Building a Pet-First Home

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It is estimated that 70% of US households own at least one pet. According to a survey, most pet owners consider the needs of their four-legged friends when purchasing a home. From choosing larger houses to retrofitting an existing structure, companion animals influence the decision of pet parents when making a real estate purchase. If you’re in the market to build or buy a new abode, here are a few important elements to consider for a pet-first property.

facts to consider When Building a Pet-First Home

Outdoor Space

One of the major factors that will affect a purchase decision is the availability of space. Not only will you need adequate room for a family, but also for your furry friend. If there is enough space, your pooch can even have its own room to hunker down during the winter season so that it can stay warm and safe; after all, making sure your pet is warm enough in the winter is really important. Equally, a private outdoor space is crucial as part of a pet-first home design. You will want a fenced yard so that your pooch can play or exercise safely. You can even build a garden shelter so they can live outside, weather permitting. A pet playground can also be built that will provide animals an area where you can teach them tricks, play fetch, or run through hoops to improve fitness and alertness. 

Accessible Entrances and Exits

Providing your pets access to the main house is vital. While a fenced backyard gives you the peace of mind to leave your beloved pals outdoors on their own, it is also critical that you can keep an eye on them while you’re indoors. Hence, windows that face the garden are practical because you can easily detect if your pooch is doing something out of the ordinary or spot if they’re in trouble. Likewise, pets must also be able to enter and leave the house easily. If you’re concerned about your home security, your pet flaps can just lead to an inner room of the house where your animals can take shelter. Another solution is to opt for sliding locking security doors that will enable you to control entry as desired.  

Mudrooms and Shower

A mudroom is handy for humans and pets that need to clean up before entering the house. You can also store and wash soiled items such as towels, coats, shoes, and boots. You can give your pooch a shower so that they are not going to make your interior dirty. A deep sink, shower, and storage are useful features of a mudroom for your pet. For example, since mudrooms can serve as a secondary entrance of your home, your pet can walk in a bathtub using a staircase and rinse themselves. There’s no need to use the kitchen sink or the bathroom tub to give them a bath. Cabinets and racks will also help organize their stuff so that you can find them easily. Leashes, collars, doggy jackets, poop bags, food, bowls, and treats can be stored safely in the mudroom. 

Pets are beloved members of a household. Considering their needs when buying or updating a house ensures their comfort, safety, and happiness.

The post Important Elements to Consider When Building a Pet-First Home appeared first on Petdogplanet – The place for dog breeds and expert pet advice.

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