How to Trim Your Pets Nails Stress-Free the ZenClipper

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Regardless of when you’ve got a canine, cat or small furry equivalent to a rabbit, preserving your pet’s nails in fine condition is a crucial a part of being a pet guardian. And naturally with many people nonetheless in lockdown around the globe this isn’t at all times a straightforward job!

Are you a kind of pet guardians that really feel like they merely should take their pet to a vet or a groomer with the intention to trim their nails? If the reply is sure, don’t worry as this was us as soon as as properly!

For the sake of decreasing stress for our little Oliver and hurt to our wellbeing we at all times used to take him to our native vet. An costly journey for a 5 minutes job however we thought it was price it to cut back stress and cease him getting in grown nails.

However what makes it such a irritating course of? Why do our cats refuse to have their claws clipped? Many cat lovers will declare that cats mustn’t have their claws clipped as they want them for protection and to have the ability to climb up objects that are nice for outside cats that continually use their claws and thus shed the skin sheet whereas loosing a few of the sharpness of their claws. Sadly in relation to indoor cats, even these with entry to loads of scratch timber and pads, not clipping their nails can result in issues equivalent to overgrown claws and even these rising into their comfortable pads which isn’t simply painful however can doubtlessly result in harmful infections.

So what when you’ve got an indoor cat and your cat merely “refuses” to have their nails clipped?

Effectively as talked about… we’ve been in the identical state of affairs with our moggie Oliver, ever since we adopted him as a kitten merely wouldn’t tolerate having his nails clipped with typical clippers. To make issues worse his claws are genetically predisposed to develop inwards in the direction of his pads thus resulting in a bi-monthly go to to the vet or our groomer good friend to have them trimmed, normally a 3 folks job EVEN with the help of knowledgeable however definitely much less harmful than doing it at house. 😉

Our assumption was that he should have had a horrible expertise earlier than we adopted him and almost definitely that’s right!

Fortunately for us, one in every of our companions PerAnimal began distributing a novel clipper known as ZenClipper which isn’t simply utterly silent however includes a distinctive round design that forestalls pet guardians from chopping the fast so long as the proper dimension of the clipper is bought. As with all new product I’m sceptical till we get to strive it out however have been pleasantly shocked as to how silent and simple to make use of the clipper was after we initially trialled it with our straightforward cats (Rennie & Freya will really sit and push their claws out throughout caticure!)

So the subsequent stage was Mr Oliver, the destroyer of strong oak wooden tables (the final time we tried to do it at house, previous to having one in every of these clippers he really managed to shred the strong wooden desk!). We bought him onto Iain’s lap and I bought prepared to chop his claws in fact accompanied by some low-level growling as he assumed it was going to be one of many conventional clippers!

A lot to our shock we bought by the primary couple of claw suggestions with a little bit of growling and one hiss, ready for the second he’d flip and outright assault… however that second by no means got here! As an alternative, we managed to clip all of his claw recommendations on each the back and front legs. It was nonetheless a 2 folks job, therefore why we’ve no pictures BUT coming from NOT with the ability to minimize his claws at house in any respect to have the ability to clip ALL of his claws in a single session was a HUGE and surprising enchancment.

So how does ZenClipper work?

ZenClipper a revolutionary new pet nail clipper that’s designed to clip simply the tip of the nail. Zen Clipper has a patent-pending conical blade that solely permits the tip of the pet’s nail into the chopping space, it’s like placing the tip of the nail right into a small funnel. You clip simply the tip and keep away from the fast. Initially invented for cats, Zen Clipper will also be used on canine, birds, reptiles and small animals like ferrets and rabbits.

All nails are barely completely different on each pet, though most are comparable in dimension and form for a particular sort pet. The primary time you utilize ZenClipper, observe that the fast of the nail, the pink half that has the blood provide, gained’t be minimize by the blade. Only a few tries and also you’ll be utilizing the ZenClipper assured that it “Clips the Tip and Not the Fast”. ZenClipper is particularly useful for pet house owners with restricted close to imaginative and prescient since it’s going to stop you from chopping off an excessive amount of of the nail, even in the event you can not see up shut.

There are 7 sizes of Zen Clipper and beneath are some tips for selecting the best dimension in your pet.

Zen Clipper Measurement XXS – 1.5mm gap. This dimension is for smaller birds, kittens, ferrets, smaller reptiles and small animals like guinea pigs.

Zen Clipper Measurement XS – 2mm gap. The XS is for many grownup cats.

Zen Clipper Measurement S – 2.5mm gap. That is for bigger cats, bigger birds, puppies, giant reptiles and really small canine.

Zen Clipper Measurement M – 3mm gap. For small canine and bigger puppies. A Dachshund can be a very good match.

Zen Clipper Measurement L – 3.5mm gap. For canine roughly 20lbs to 40lbs | 9 – 18kg.

Zen Clipper Measurement XL – 4mm gap. For canine roughly 25lbs to 50lbs | 11- 23kg.

Zen Clipper Measurement XXL – 5mm gap. For medium to bigger canine, roughly 25lbs to 60lbs | 23 – 30kg.

The overwhelming majority of grownup cats use a dimension XS. But it surely not unusual to want 2 completely different sizes to cater for back and front claws.

A helpful sizing card could be ordered or downloaded in our Store.

Why does ZenClipper make such a distinction to pet behaviour?

From our trials on Mr Oliver we predict that is down to some causes. For starters most of conventional clippers make a loud noise if you attempt to clip your pets claws there as these are utterly silent. The second cause is almost definitely all the way down to cheaper clippers usually crushig the nail and inflicting discomfort as an alternative of truly chopping it. As there isn’t any manner for you a human finger to get into the clippers the blades on these are extremely sharp and thus simply clip even harder nails!

And naturally understanding that there isn’t any likelihood to by chance minimize the fast it means us people are far more assured in clipping our pets nails which implies we’re faster at doing it and almost definitely our pets learn that our physique language has modified.

The ZenClipper is out there immediately in our weblog store.



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