How to Start Training Your Cat For a Better Life

How to Start Training Your Cat For a Better Life

Dogs have been around since the beginning of time, and cats are just getting started. In fact, cats may be the next big thing in fitness. If you think your cat isn’t fit for a workout, think again. Cats are known for their quick reflexes and strong climbs, and they can do some pretty intense workouts. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty; all you need is some common household supplies and a bit of creativity. Here are five easy exercises for starting your cat on a healthy path to fitness!

Get your cat moving

One of the most important things you can do for your cat is get them moving. This means getting them on some kind of exercise routine, whether it’s a short walk in the morning or a full-blown workout at night. Not only will this help them stay healthy and trim, but it will also make them more active and friendly.

Start with basic exercises

The first step is to start with basic exercises. All cats love a good workout, so start with basic barbell curls and squats. Then, move on to more difficult exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches. And finally, add in some core training exercises like climbing trees or playing with balls.

More advanced exercises

If your cat is looking to get even more fit, you may want to consider adding in some more advanced exercises. These exercises will help your cat build strength and stamina, as well as improve their balance and coordination. You can find these exercises online or in a physical activity book.

Add in some weight

Before you start, be sure to add some weight to your cat’s exercise routine. A little bit of weight is all it takes to get your cat motivated and help them keep up with the other cats in their house. You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment; just a workout mat, a large litter box, and some toys will do.


You may be thinking, “How can I get my cat moving?” The answer is simple. Start with basic exercises and work your way up. If your cat is passive, start with basic things like getting them out of their home and out in the open. If your cat is more active, start with more advanced exercises and add in some weight, as needed.

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