How To Raise An American Bully Puppy

Practically speaking, there is only one proper approach to care for a new American Bully puppy. This calls for a healthy diet, lots of exercises, and quality family time. By doing this, you may rapidly form a friendship with your new puppy and make sure they have a happy and healthy childhood.

How To Raise An American Bully

However, various people have varied ideas of what it means to properly care for a dog. From my own experience, you can get the best advice at My American Bully to care for your American Bully puppy and help him grow up better and become stronger and healthier than the ordinary dog. If you follow these instructions to the letter, you’ll have a fantastic American Bully on your hands.

Attention to Healthcare

The American Bully is a relatively healthy variety, but this does not excuse you from giving your American Bully puppy proper care. They must be medicated and cleaned for parasites, fleas, and worms at the very least, and you should make sure they receive all necessary immunizations while they are still puppies.

When your American Bully puppy reaches the age of 4 months, you can begin deworming him or her in preparation for heartworm and tapeworm treatment. As frequently as the manufacturer advises, which is generally once a month or less, this procedure should be repeated. If you’re unsure, you can also ask your veterinarian to examine your dog for worms.

In the spring and summer, flea treatment should be used monthly; in the fall and winter, it should be applied once every three months. Flea treatment can begin around the same time. Although fleas aren’t a serious health risk, they can cause blood disorders and are extremely annoying if they invade your home.

In order for American Bully puppies to have strong bones, it’s also advised to give them calcium supplements. When pups are young, vitamin supplements are also a smart idea, especially right around the time of their vaccines.

Some vaccinations must be completed before the dog is allowed outside and are often started at about 5 weeks of age. Your American Bulldog puppy will receive five shots overall, spaced out by three weeks. A 7-way shot is administered to them, covering all typical scenarios.

They should also receive a rabies vaccination at 6 months, which will protect them for 3 years. If you want a dog that is happy and healthy, you don’t want it to have rabies, which is a terrible and fatal ailment.

Early Training

Introducing obedience training to an American Bully puppy is one of the best things you can do for it. As soon as feasible, which will likely be in 8 weeks, this should be begun. Starting them out at a young age will educate them on how to act around other dogs and is the best approach to stop the emergence of antisocial traits.

The American Bully is a breed that is highly intelligent and can pick up a variety of commands. You shouldn’t need to utilize treats during training because of the breed’s loyalty; praise should be sufficient. Enroll your pup in a lesson to learn how to socialize with people and other dogs. This will prepare it for adulthood and guarantee that it develops into a sociable and pleasant adult.

Healthy Food

Due to their extreme muscle mass, American Bullys require a diet that is highly heavy in protein. Because this is the time when they start developing their adult muscle structure, it is essential to put them on this type of food when they are young.

The ideal choice is a dry kibble manufactured specifically for American Bullys that you may boost using wet food. Their primary meal should also be rich in healthy fat. Make sure that the first three components on the list of any kibble you choose are meat. Additionally, it should contain a minimum 20% fat content and a minimum 30% protein level.

It’s best to feed them as much food as you can while they’re still puppies. Feeding your American Bully Puppy 3 times per day is recommended, or you can leave food out all day for them. However, as they grow bigger, this will alter, and within roughly a year, they should be eating like an adult.

Regular Exercise

Every dog needs to be exercised, but pups especially need to be. Puppies of American Bullies should exercise every day after receiving their vaccines, obviously. 

Simply put, the American Bully is indeed an active breed, therefore you can get away with only around thirty minutes of physical activity a day. It would be best if you could go on two to three daily walks. Just be careful to keep an eye out for signs that he is overheating, since American Bullies are prone to it.

It’s likely that your dog will enjoy playing fetch, and starting while they are young is a terrific way to develop their trust and obedience. When purchasing toys, make sure they are big enough to prevent swallowing, and consider the age of the pup as well. Because American Bullies enjoy chewing on their toys, you should also search for particularly durable ones.

Swimming is an excellent kind of exercise for American Bullies since it keeps them from overheating while yet allowing them to expend a lot of energy. Teach your puppy to swim while they’re a puppy if you desire a strong, muscular adult. They might require a buoyancy aid or inflatable harness, but if they get the hang of it, they’ll adore it.

Final Words

American Bullies are regarded as a breed that requires little upkeep. They have such short fur and thus are moderate shedders, so brushing them only a few times weekly using a stiff bristle brush will help you to maintain a smooth coat and the home clean with less hair.

Broadly speaking, novice dog owners should avoid bully breeds. This is due to the fact that they can have a strong will and need a hard hand to be effectively trained. They must be properly socialized from an early age because they are frequently hostile against other dogs.

Giving your American Bully puppy healthy food and lots of exercises is the best way to care for it. You’ll get more out of it as an adult if you put more effort into growing it as a puppy. Since the American Bully is renowned for its loyalty, you should establish a connection with them while they’re still puppies.

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