How to Puppy Proof Your House? Don’t Miss this 10 Tips

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Do you plan on getting a dog soon? Then you’re thrilled to welcome your new furry family member into your home. Puppies are naturally curious and eager to try new things; they aren’t always able to distinguish between good and bad options. They can’t wait to explore the world and experience new things. Parents invest effort into “puppy-proofing” their homes so their puppies may play safely. It aids in keeping the puppy safe from harm and shields them from potentially dangerous items around the house. Before bringing home a new puppy, puppy proof your home while taking the precautions to make their home safe for their new companion is necessary.

how to puppy proof your house
How to puppy proof your house

You will provide step-by-step guidelines to help you puppy-proof your home for the safety of your furry family members.

Some Plants Are Poisonous

Puppies, like infants, learn about their environment by tasting it. Dogs can get very sick from ingesting certain plants, including various symptoms. Find out if any plants you have at home are toxic to canines. Check out our post on dangerous plants for dogs to learn more.

Keep Medication Locked Up

Store you’re own and your pet’s medication in a secure location. It’s common for people to forget to take their medication until much later in the day. Because your dog may get to them before you do, you must break this behavior immediately.

A determined puppy may chew through a pill container’s plastic. Keep all containers in a secure location. Put your medication in a locked cabinet or drawer over the sink. Also, remember always to close the drawer or cabinet. Learn which drugs can be given to canines.

Trash Receptacle That Dogs Can’t open,

Puppies and dogs of all sizes know how to find their way into garbage cans. Somehow, the scent of trash makes dogs happy. The bathroom and kitchen trash pose serious threats to pets, as they may include sharp objects like razors or poisonous scraps. Keep trash where the dog can’t reach it and in a sealed container out of the dog’s reach.

Toxic Effects of Cleaning Products

The chemicals used in cleaning products are harmful to humans and animals alike. Please keep them in a cage so they can’t go near the animals. The best closet organization features always include a shelf up high. It’s important to remember to keep the door of the closet closed. You could use non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for pets.

Insulating Sheath for Wires

For a puppy, an electrical cable is the holy grail of rewards. They’ll happily gnaw on your earbud cables or any other corded device. Cords are a necessary evil and will be present in your dwelling. But keep an eye on your dog and ensure they aren’t chewing on any wires by keeping them hidden or in a safe spot. You can also use PVC pipe, cord concealers, or spiral cable wrap to keep your dog from chewing on unsightly cords.

Protective Couch Cover for Sofa

Getting the dog into your home, you’ll need to call on whether they’ll be welcome on the sofa. Everyone who cares for a pet does their job a little bit differently. Here, nobody makes any assessments. Do you want to cuddle with your dog on the couch? Or are you hoping to keep your couch looking like new for longer? Your choice

Couches that are safe for pets to sit on can be obtained by purchasing dog-proof couch coverings, such as this best seller on Amazon. In this way, you can relax knowing that your dog can spend as much time as it likes on the couch without fear of ruining it.

Stow Away the Trivial Items

It’s more important than ever that you provide a new image right now. Quit dropping your earring back on the nightstand or kicking off your socks on the carpet. Generally speaking, puppies are a hazard in any environment. For this reason, ensure everything has a proper home and is safely out of their reach. Be responsible and watch your belongings. Seeing bobby pins, q-tips, and other unsavory blockages on an x-ray of your dog’s abdomen during an examination is unpleasant. It means putting away any potentially hazardous items for your dog.

Get your puppy insurance.  

Make sure your puppy has pet insurance while he’s still young to reduce the cost of future medical care. The cost of dog insurance continues to rise as the dog ages. Still, you can expect to pay less for a puppy than for an adult dog. Why? Because an older dog may have an accident or develop a health problem, both of which will make it ineligible for coverage under the relevant policies as of the time of application. The time to begin is now!

Don’t let your dog use the litter box!

Unfortunately, many canines find the kitten litter box to be an intriguing place to sniff around. It is not only unsafe but also filthy. Ingesting cat litter can lead to various health concerns, and if your cat has any preexisting conditions, you could pass these on to your dog. Do not allow your dog access to the location where you keep the cat’s litter box.

Putting a baby gate there could be a good idea. You can lift the fence slightly so your cat can climb over it, or you can have him jump over it (unless the dog is small, too).

Get Dog-Proof Rugs And Carpets.

Rugs with little designs and the same hue as your dog’s fur are “dog-proof”. You can use rugs designed for outdoor use inside the house because they are typically more long-lasting and less hassle to clean. Here are some suggestions for eliminating the urine odor left behind after your puppy’s accident.

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Yard

A dog-proof fence will keep your new puppy safe in the backyard. A dog-proof fence is one that your pet can’t dig under or jump over. For each dog, the answer will be different.

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