How to Measure Your Pet for a Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Getting the right dog wheelchair measurements is simpler than you might think. Along with your dog’s breed and weight, you only need two measurements to get the right size mobility cart.

It’s easy to determine what size Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair your dog needs. It only takes a few simple measurements, your dog’s weight, and their breed to determine the size dog wheelchair your pet needs. Walkin’ Wheels, a fully adjustable pet wheelchair is simple to order in 3 easy steps.

How to Measure for a Dog Wheelchair

1. Measure your dog’s rear leg height

measure for dog wheelchair

Begin with your dog lying on its side. While your dog is lying down measure the height of their back leg, begin at the crease where the thigh meets the body and down to your dog’s toe pads. Never stretch the leg, instead your dog’s leg should be in a natural, standing position. This measurement helps us to determine the proper height for your dog’s cart.

The reason why we measure the dog while lying down instead of standing is quite simple. Many dogs who need a wheelchair also suffer from hind leg weakness or paralysis, which means they don’t have the leg strength to stand up straight. When they lay down, their leg is in a natural position without gravity pulling them down. This means you get the perfect wheelchair height measurement!

2. Weigh your pet

Your pet’s weight is incredibly important. A pet’s weight helps determine the correct frame size for their Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. 

Pet’s Weight Wheelchair Frame Size
2 – 10 lbs. Mini Wheelchair
11 – 25 lbs. Small Wheelchair
26 – 49 lbs. Medium Wheelchair
50 – 69 lbs. Medium/Large Wheelchair
70 – 180 lbs. Large Wheelchair

There are breed exceptions. Both the Corgi and Dachshund breeds have long backs, and will need specially designed wheelchairs just for them.

3. Enter your dog’s measurements into the SureFit® Calculator

Visit the Walkin’ Pets website and enter your pet’s weight, breed, and leg height into the SureFit® Calculator to determine the perfect size dog wheelchair for your best friend!

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