How to Keep Your Disabled Pet Comfortable During a Move

Moving can be a stressful yet exciting time for everyone involved, even your pets. During a move, the checklist of things you must do to make the process as stress-free as possible can be long. Things to consider when purchasing a house and moving with a pet that has some physical disabilities are finding a house that has one floor or limited stairs that you can easily place a ramp over and plenty of open space that allows for easy mobility. These features may affect how much house you can afford, so keep that in mind, as creating a realistic budget is an integral part of the moving process. Other steps include packing up your old home, hiring a moving company, and getting everything into and set up in your new house. 

In all the hustle and bustle of moving, you may have less time to pay attention to your pets. Moving can be a strange time for your pets, and it’s important to try to keep them comfortable during the process, especially if they’re older or disabled. Below are tips to help you keep your disabled pet comfortable throughout the moving process.

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While Packing Your Home

Wheelchair dog adjusts to new house during move

While packing up your old home, space can quickly become cluttered and stuffed with boxes for your move. This can lead to an unfamiliar setting for your pet. If your pet has trouble moving around or has a wheelchair that they use, it’s crucial that you leave a dedicated area for them and provide them with ample space to still freely move around, even during the packing process. There will also be a lot of open doors with people going in and out of your home while you are packing, so it may be a good idea to hire someone to watch your pet as you pack to limit stress and confusion. You can even find someone who specializes in watching after pets with disabilities.

Also, ensure that you don’t pack their bed or favorite toy too early. It would be best if you kept these out until right before you’re ready to leave for your new home to make sure that your pet has a comfortable and familiar spot to stay in with all the changes going on around them, which could make them uncomfortable.

While Traveling

Whether you are moving just across town or somewhere that requires a long road trip, always make sure that your pet is comfortable in the car as you travel. If you have a short trip to your new home, there isn’t much you have to worry about on the way. Just make sure you have enough open space in your car so your pet can be comfortable and stretch out. For dogs that have issues walking and jumping, make sure you bring a ramp with them so they can easily get in and out of your car when needed.

If you are taking longer to travel to your new home, you can do a few things to ensure your pet is comfy the whole way. If there is space for it, place their bed and their favorite toy or blanket in the back seat of your car for them. This provides them with something they are familiar with that may lessen any travel stress. If you are moving somewhere that will take a long time to get to or will take even more than one day, make sure that you have easy access to food and water for your pet and a ramp to help them in and out of the car. Also, make sure ahead of time that you booked a pet-friendly hotel if you plan to stay at one. 

Once You are in Your New Home

Wheelchair dog enjoys the yard at his new home

Once you get to your new home, one of the first things you should do to help your pet become comfortable is to find an established spot for them. They will likely want to explore the unfamiliar space when you first arrive, but if they have trouble moving around, they will want a place to rest and feel comfortable. So when they are exploring, find a spot to set up their bed, food and water bowls, and toys. This way, they can begin to familiarize the new space and can also begin to feel cozy in their new home.

When unpacking and setting up your space in your new home, consider your pet as you do it. If your pet has mobility issues, leave enough room in living spaces for them to get around easily. Try to keep things like lamps and other breakable items out of the way to limit the chances that your pet bumps into them. Having quick and easy access to ramps is also crucial to help your pet get upstairs, or onto couches and beds they’re allowed on.

When you are going through the moving process with your disabled pet, it’s critical that, along with the typical moving checklist, you help your pet stay comfortable. These steps before, during, and right after your move will help your pets acclimate well and feel comfortable throughout the process.

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