How to Keep Those Cat Eyes Happy

Top Eye Problems for Cats

If you have a cat, there’s no doubt you’ve been fascinated by its eyes. Cats have captivating and uniquely shaped pupils and interesting eye colouring. It’s also amazing how can they stare at you so intently without a hint of expression.

Hopefully, you’ll be staring back into healthy eyes: moist, clear and without any redness, swelling, discharge, or tearing – all which could be signs of irritation or infection. A basic eye care routine makes a huge difference in your fluffy pal’s life, as many cat breeds are susceptible to tear stains and the resulting odours. If you’re worried about getting up close and personal with your kitty’s eyes, don’t worry, because your feline friend will thank you for it.

To keep your cat’s eyes in good shape, there are a few things you can do.

Keeping track of your cat’s eyes can also mean infections are caught early and treated, so they don’t lead to more serious conditions or even result in blindness. That’s why we recommend to prevent your cat from getting these problems by using a natural treatment, such as the WildWash Eye Cleanser for Cats.

Daily Eye Cleanser for cats

WildWash Eye Cleanser for Cats

WildWash have created a Daily Eye Cleanser for Cats with Organic Aloe Vera for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties, Chamomile to cleanse and brighten and Cucumber to calm, hydrate, refresh and cool. Their Daily Eye Cleanser is safe for use on even the most sensitive eyes.

But the truth is that some cats require more regular eye cleaning than others. Persians, for example, tear more than normal and these tears don’t always drain away through the tear duct. This can lead to ‘tear stains’ which can be easily cleaned away – either with water on a cotton ball or a special product that removes these stains.

Noticing eye stains is a way to safely care for your cat’s eyes. If you check your pet’s eyes daily for anything abnormal, such as excessive tearing, you’ll be able to pinpoint issues like allergies, irritation and stress before they develop into more serious medical problems.

Whether you just noticed your cat’s tear stains or it’s a recurring problem that you’re still trying to combat, we recommend the WildWash Tear Stain Remover for Cats.

tear stain remover for cats

WildWash have created a gentle but effective Tear Stain Remover for Cats. Using Organic Aloe Vera, a natural cleansing agent to flush out impurities and exfoliate, and both Chamomile and Hero ingredient Gardenia Florida, used for centuries as natural skin lighteners, our Tear Stain Remover will gently and effectively remove Tear Stains. This product will gradually diminish the tear stain and stop further tear stain building up. With constant use over a 4 to 6 month period you see will great results.


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