How to increase a cat’s lifespan

What owner has never dreamed that their cat would live to be 20 years old? Here’s how to increase a cat’s lifespan.

Your cat’s genes have a great influence on its life expectancy, but the care it receives is just as important. You have in your hands the power to contribute to its longevity.

Control their diet.


Good health starts with a balanced diet. Whether in the form of wet or dry food, the key is nutrient supply. If the food is wet, keep it in the refrigerator and renew it more often than the dry food. In addition, the cat should always have water available.

Encourage daily physical activity, basic to improve a cat’s life.



We tend to believe that, over the years, cats need to rest more. While this is true, it does not mean that they should stop being active. Just like people, the more a cat exercises, the less stiff its joints will be and the more oxygen will reach its organs, ensuring optimal cell renewal.

Cats need to remain active throughout their lives. Regardless of their age, make sure your cat has the chance to play, run and be stimulated.

Keep a close eye on him.



The saying “prevention is better than cure” also applies to your cat, even more so as he gets older. You should keep his vaccination schedule up to date and take care of his care, such as brushing and cleaning his eyes and ears.

As for neutering, did you know that neutered cats live longer? Perhaps because they don’t roam as much and fight less with other males when neutered. Likewise, a cat living in a house is safer from accidents or dangerous encounters.

In addition to these tips, we also recommend that you take care of your pet’s skin and coat.

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