How to Attach a Harness to a Quad Dog Wheelchair

The front harness for a full support dog wheelchair is a different shape and style than a traditional rear wheelchair. Instead, the quad wheelchair uses leg rings to support the front of the dog. 

The leg rings look like two back-to-back “C’s.” When attached to a dog’s cart, the leg rings create a comfortable saddle to support a dog’s weak front legs. 

How to attach the front leg rings to your dog’s cart:

how to attach front leg rings to a quad wheelchair

On either side of the silver side extender bar, you’ll see two silver pegs called shoulder socket screws. The should socket screws are located to the right and left of the front leg of the wheelchair. It’s important to note that they should always go over the wheelchair frame when attaching the leg rings. Running the straps over the sidebar will offer your pet additional support in the front. 

  1. Place leg rings over the wheelchair frame with the circle on the black plastic harness clip pointing towards the floor. 
  2. Position the harness clip over the shoulder sock screw. Put your thumb into the round circle and push upward to lock. You will hear it click into place. 
  3. Repeat until all four leg ring clips are attached to the wheelchair.
  4. The leg rings should sit a few inches below the bottom of the front extender. To accommodate your dog’s chest, it’s normal for the front leg rings to sit lower than the rear leg rings. 

Frequently Asked Questions About a Quad Wheelchair Harness

Why does a full support dog wheelchair use leg rings in the front?

Large white dog uses full support dog wheelchair

When a dog walks or stands, its weight does not evenly distribute between its front and back feet. Dogs place the majority of their weight on their front legs. A dog using a four-wheel wheelchair needs very different support than a dog using a rear wheel cart.

A pet with front leg weakness requires more support under its chest to keep them upright, which is why a leg ring support comes standard with every quad Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. Whereas a dog in a rear wheelchair still has strong front legs and requires more support in the back, in this instance, the primary function of the front harness is to attach the dog to the wheelchair. 

In a full support Walkin’ Wheels, the dog’s front legs go through either side of the leg ring, with the support sitting firmly under the chest to relieve pressure on the front legs. 

My dog needs more support, are there quad front harnesses my dog can use?

Upgraded harnesses for quad carts are available for pets that require extra support and comfort. A quad wheelchair front harness made of a durable material with additional support under the dog’s chest. This style of front harness typically features a top handle or adjustable straps to lift the pet’s front upper body. 

A front lifting harness allows pet parents to stabilize their pet as they secure them into their wheelchair. For your dog’s front harness to be fully compatible with a full support Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, the harness must have four quad harness clips attached. A D-ring clip is not compatible. Additional benefits of a dog front lift harness include aiding the dog into a car or helping them climb stairs. 

Best Quad Wheelchair Harness for Small Pets

Neoprene front harness for small full support cart

The Walkin’ Wheels Front Neoprene Harness is the best quad front harness for small pets under 45 pounds. The harness attaches to a Small or Medium full support Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair—the figure-8 shape of the neoprene contours to fit the natural shape of a dog’s front body.  The harness provides comfortable front support in and out of the wheelchair. 

This harness is not recommended for larger dogs, neoprene can stretch. Heavier dogs will need front harness with a heavier denier.

Best Quad Wheelchair Harness for Large Pets

Combo front harness for quad wheelchair

The Walkin’ Lift Combo Front Harness is compatible with both the rear and quad wheelchairs depending on the style of clips you use. For dogs previously using their combo harness with a rear cart, simply remove the D-ring clips and replace them with quad-compatible harness clips. This harness is ideal for lifting large and giant breed dogs.

Additionally, this harness can be combined with the matching rear harness to support your dog’s entire body. Using both the rear and front harnesses will give your dog maximum support at all times.

Can I replace the leg ring clips?

Yes, replacement clips are available for your dog’s leg rings if needed. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to remove the old clip and replace it with a new leg ring clip.

What size leg rings come with my dog’s front attachment? 

Each leg ring is sized to comfortably fit the pet’s breed and weight associated with that wheelchair size. If replacing the leg rings, it’s important to choose the right size leg ring to ensure your dog has enough support and the leg rings fit your pet comfortably. Here’s how to select the right size leg ring for your pet’s quad wheelchair: 

Wheelchair Size Rear Wheel Size Leg Rings Needed
Walkin’ Wheels Mini B1 2″ Mini 5.5″
Walkin’ Wheels Mini B2, B3, B5 4″ Mini 7″
Walkin’ Wheels Small 4″ 6″
Walkin’ Wheels Small 8″ 8″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium 4″ & 8″ 11″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium 12″ strut 8″ 13″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large 8″ & 12″ 13″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large 16″ 17″

How do I know the leg rings are on right?

When attached to the wheelchair frame the leg rings should look like two C’s and hang a few inches below the side bar. There should be plenty of room to comfortably place your dog’s legs in the leg rings. When the leg rings are attached incorrectly they will look like two V’s.

Walkin' Wheels leg rings on wheelchair

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