How should you walk your cat?

How should you walk your cat?

There is one thing we must know for sure and that is that felines, even if they have chosen for their own reason to become domesticated, that is, even if they have approached humans in order to have food and shelter assured, it does not mean that they cannot have an explorer’s instinct in their veins.
What does this mean? Your feline may be one of the best hunting cats around and you wouldn’t know it because… he’s never left the house! It’s true that you have to be careful about leaving the house, but it’s not impossible if you follow a few patterns.
Well! We’re not going to go on much longer and we’ll tell you how to tell if your cat is a born explorer.

He has a penchant for getting to know the outside world

If your cat is daring, seems to be more interested in knowing what happens outside than what happens inside the house, and sometimes gives you the feeling that being between four walls overwhelms him, it may be that your cat has an explorer’s curiosity.

This may be a reason to try to see how your cat functions outdoors. Of course, if you are going to take him out it has to be with a harness and it has to be first to a quiet place. We leave you here an article where we explain it.

He has gone out on the stairs

On many occasions, your cat waits for you at the door to greet you and there are two types of cats: those who do not leave the house and those who take advantage of that door opening to run out the stairs to see what is beyond their known territory.

This is a clear indication that your feline doesn’t seem to be afraid of the unknown and prefers to explore. He probably has a passion for investigating new places and seeing new things. Therefore, you might consider taking a first step into that new world and buying a harness.

If you see that your cat seems to enjoy the experience, you can continue with it and if you see that he/she is not used to explore so much, go back home. We leave you here an article where we explain it.

He is an extremely active cat

Extremely active cats can be this way simply because they are overflowing with energy or because the house is too small for them. In any case, there are two ways to solve this: play with the feline until it gets tired or take it for a walk. It is possible that there are energetic felines, but then they are fearful when it comes to exploring. In that case, they will be more playful.

However, if you see that your cat is full of energy and also has some of the other characteristics, then you probably have an explorer cat. In those cases it’s time to get a harness and go test it out on your feline to see how he or she is exploring.

The thing to keep in mind is that you should take him to a quiet place the first few times to see how he feels. If he doesn’t like it, nothing happens, he goes back home, but if he likes it, you can go for walks with him. In this article here we explain everything.

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