How often should you change your cat’s litter?

How often should you change your cat’s litter?

Sometimes, we don’t realize how important the litter box is for our feline. We may think it is important to clean it, but not as much as we should, so we make the most of the litter box and clean it very occasionally.

The litter box is an essential element for the mental health of our cats. After all, we all know that feline hygiene is fundamental to their life. Not only is it a social issue, but it allows them to feel safe when it comes to the litter box.

What do you mean, it allows them to feel safe?

Cats give off odor when they relieve themselves. This odor is a signal for predators to track you down and hunt you. That’s why cats cover their feces; not only to keep them out of sight but also to diminish the odor.

It is our job to avoid as much anxiety as possible to our beloved furry ones since they do not conceive the house as a safe place. They cannot know that in that territory there will be no threats and that is why they need the litter box to have a total cleanliness.
If cats feel safe at home, it is not because of the house itself but because of you as they see you as their guardian.

So how often should the cat litter be changed?

Sand is a very large field and depends a lot on the type of sand we use. This means that there are several variables, but we can always make an average and calculate how often we should change the sand more or less.

After all, there are certain things that cause the sand to become dirty. Of course, the feces should be cleaned if possible, the moment after defecation (5 or 10 minutes after), but if you are not at home, it is enough to clean the sandbox once or twice a day.

Details on how often to change the litter

First of all we must follow the following advice:

It is necessary to take into account if you have an absorbent or agglomerating sand since this one is usually changed 1 to 3 times per week. This type of sand, as its name indicates, absorbs much more dirt and that is why it should be changed more often. In addition, once you remove the dirty sand from the box, you can refill it with more clean sand, but it does not have to be a very thick layer of sand.
The layer of sand should be neither too fine nor too coarse. The ideal is to put a layer of litter that allows the cat to bury the feces for the reason explained above. In addition, if we put too little litter, it will end up staining the bottom of the box, while if we put too much, the cat will probably throw the litter out of the box.
It is usual to remove the feces and leave the rest of the litter between 1 week and 4 weeks depending on the type of litter and how much is used. The 4 weeks are more suitable for silica litter, which is usually thrown out completely when the litter box is refilled and is not changed as often.
It is also important depending on the number of cats using the litter box. It is recommended that there are two litter boxes per cat, so if you have two cats, it would be best to have at least 3 litter boxes in different areas of the house.

How to deep clean the litter box?

It is essential that we clean the sandbox well before pouring the new layer of sand, otherwise the new layer will pick up the dirt that accumulated at the bottom of the box. In the case of absorbent litter, the liquids do not clog up but pass through the litter until they reach the bottom of the box.

Therefore, for optimal cleaning, we must clean the sandbox with warm water and soap. You must forget to use any type of bleach because you already know that cats love their smell and it is better not to give them clues lest they try to look for the same smell in other parts of the house. It can also happen that the smell of bleach incites them to use the litter box or in other cases, it repels them from using it.

Another issue that we must always keep in mind is that sandboxes wear out with time and washing, so it is a good idea to change it when we begin to see that they are deteriorated. Remember that it is an essential element that has to be in good condition.

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