How Does Having Pets Benefit College Students?

Many schools today have pet-friendly policies, so bringing your pets to college is becoming quite common among students. Perhaps you, too, have been considering getting a pet but haven’t quite made up your mind. In this article, we intend to share the benefits most college students who own pets have experienced. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be on your way to the nearest pet store or, better yet, pet shelter.

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4 Ways Having Pets Benefits College Students

Common types of pets a student can have are dogs, cats, and hamsters. At the same time, it is common to leave your pets in the care of relatives or friends while away in college; some students bring their pets to campus. If you have been considering doing it but need an extra reason to take this step, here are 5 benefits pets bring to college student owners.

  • Help Relieve Stress
  • Allow A Great Way To Socialize
  • Teach Responsibility
  • Promote Exercise

Help Relieve Stress

Pets are always fun to be around. When you own a pet, you are greeted with love and affection when you walk through the door. Even though they can’t talk, most pet owners comment on how communicative and caring pets can be. After a long day in class, it can help to have someone or something to interact with. Also, their habits and behavior can bring a smile to one’s face. For instance, cats like to brush against the legs of their owners. The purring sound they make can be very relaxing as well. 

The stress students mostly deal with usually relates to assignments and deadlines. If you want to relieve some of that stress, research “the best academic writers to do my term paper” so you can have more time to spend with your pet and relax. This website also provides other types of services like book reports, case studies, capstone projects, and much more.

Allow A Great Way To Socialize

If you are a pet lover, one easy way to meet like-minded people is by carrying your pet to college. A walk in the park can be an easy way to meet people who are also with their pets. Automatically, you would already have something in common, and if you’re new, it can be your ticket to settling in fast.

Teach Responsibility

Pets are fun to have around, but while that’s true, one effect of pet ownership on students’ stress comes with taking care of them. Certain pets have deadly allergies, such as dogs and chocolate, so you must be extra careful about what they eat and where they go. In essence, you would need to be responsible for most of their needs, which include feeding, cleaning, and ensuring they get the right care. One nice thing about having such experiences is that they provide transferable skills to other aspects of life, for instance, in raising a child or managing a project as a team lead.

Promote Exercise

Pets often need to go on walks, especially if you own a dog. You don’t want them pooping in your room, and staying indoors for long periods can have an adverse effect on the animal’s well-being. However, when you take your pets out for a walk, they aren’t the only ones that will benefit from it. Even if you don’t notice it, those extra daily steps you will make can help you burn some calories. If you’re also someone that likes to engage in outdoor games with your pet, then you’re more likely to work up some sweat in the process.

Bottom Line

While a pet comes with its responsibility, it can be an excellent companion that allows you to relieve your stress and develop into a more responsible individual. They are often very affordable and can easily be carried about. So, if you won’t be breaking any campus laws, consider getting a pet today.

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Eric Wyatt is a writer and therapist. His day job involves communicating with students on the best way to handle stress and other issues related to their mental well-being. When he isn’t helping students, he enjoys going to the park with his golden retriever.

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