How do you teach a greedy dog to control its insatiability?

How do you teach a greedy dog to control its insatiability?

There are gluttonous dogs that show a lot of anxiety when eating. A kind of desperation that leads them to devour the food in a few seconds and to ingest it almost without chewing. I don’t blame them… and what dog doesn’t love to eat? If he wants to eat, let him eat, but let him learn to eat well.

So, if you have or know a gluttonous dog, this article is for you. Take advantage of these tips that I am going to leave you and help them to stop bad habits and improve their digestion.

How to control food to gluttonous dogs?


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Divide the food in thirds, so that your dog has to wait a few minutes between feedings. You can also give him each feeding slowly, so that he learns to relax and eat more slowly.

Another trick for gluttonous dogs is to put the food in several feeders and spread them around the house. Between trips to one place or another, he will lose some time and learn to eat more slowly.

Hard foods that cannot be swallowed all at once are good for us to learn not to eat in one bite and to take some time. For example, a piece of hard bread.

Mix in his ration of feed some foods such as apples, which force him to pay attention to what he eats and, therefore, do it more slowly. A trick that never fails!

A similar solution is to place in the feeder some object that makes it difficult to access the food quickly. For example, a tennis ball.

Special feeders. I have seen that in the market there are feeders with certain obstacles, designed precisely for gluttonous dogs.

We love to play, so why not take advantage of it? Turn the food into games where you dictate the rules. For example, hide the food in different places in the garden, so that your dog loses time looking for it.
What if you place the food bowl at a certain height? By not being on the ground and making access difficult, we will need more time to reach the food.

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