Hot Weather Alert – Encourage Your Cats to Drink More!

Hello everybody,

With the temperatures hovering we thought it could be an ideal alternative to remind everybody of the information and recommendation to assist your cat keep hydrated.

Particularly when it’s scorching it’s essential to regulate the quantity of liquid your cat is taking in. Plain bowls usually make this tough which is why we personally depend on the Necoichi Water Bowls which have a helpful measurement in ml to point out you ways a lot water is left within the bowl on the finish of the day!

After all, it’s essential to experiment with the kind of bowl you supply your cat however typically, we might suggest avoiding plastic bowls and choosing one fabricated from ceramic, glass, or steel. Additionally some cats favor to drink from a fountain as they like to have transferring ahead over nonetheless water.

One factor that must be taken to thoughts although is that almost all cats don’t prefer it when their whiskers always rub in opposition to the edges of a bowl and this is applicable to each ingesting and water. Very often once we get contacted by those that have issues with their cats consuming or ingesting habits it’s rapidly recognized that the cat is affected by what’s known as Whiskers fatigue because of the steady use of a really small bowl for the every day meals consumption.

And actually, for some breeds equivalent to Persian cats which have a really flat face, it would even be price choosing an extra-wide shallow raised bowl for meals and water because it’ll make it simpler for them to get to the water!

What else are you able to do to encourage your cat to drink their water? In case your cat merely doesn’t appear to be concerned with their water it doesn’t matter what you may attempt to complement the faucet water with:

  • Water left over when a bit of rooster or fish has been cooked by poaching
  • Liquid from a can of tuna in spring water
  • Prawns, fish, or meat liquidised in water to create a soup or broth

This can usually encourage cats that don’t drink a whole lot of water to lap up the liquid as they will scent and style the meat within the water/soup! With the new climate, it’s moreover an amazing concept to freeze these dietary supplements into small ice cubes (perhaps not fairly as massive as this video!) to place them into your cat’s water bowl. Not simply will it make the water supply extra attention-grabbing nevertheless it’ll additionally be certain that the water stays COOL always.

The variety of water bowls additionally performs an essential half. To begin with it’s important to have adequate bowls per cat. In case your cats get alongside nicely, they might be completely happy to share the identical bowl however don’t count on this! So guarantee you’ve got a number of water (and meals bowls) scattered round your own home.

And naturally the opposite factor we frequently discover is that individuals place the water bowl proper subsequent to the meals bowl. Whereas that is tremendous for many cats, some cats comply with the intuition that water close to a meals supply could possibly be spoiled and can due to this fact keep away from this water supply. When you discover that your cat refuses to drink from their bowl and it’s close to a meals supply, attempt to transfer it!

And if all else fails and you’re involved your cat is likely to be de-hydrated, many firms promote liquid snacks which you’ll give your cat as a supplementary deal with that may also re-hydrate them.



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