Halloween Tricks & Treats – Catster

Most cats are eager to get their paws on treats year-round, but Halloween offers some seasonal delights … and a few tricks for the feline set. Read on for the cat’s-eye view of Halloween.

Treat: Climbing inside a pillowcase

Cats who live with trick-or-treaters may find themselves face to face with pillowcases used to collect the holiday haul. Not only are these finds great for napping purposes, but they also double as hidden lairs when kitty climbs inside. Plus, what cat doesn’t love anything bedding-related?

Trick: Facing giant spiders and webs

Kitties are known to stalk and snack on spiders, but the arachnids they’re accustomed to are small and easily swattable. During the spooky season, however, some humans like to decorate their home and yard with giant webs featuring massive spiders. Cats agree that this is terrible trickery and a blow to their spider-catching egos.