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Hi everyone,

The following story was submitted by Howard via email:

Sadie came into our lives 11 years ago.

My wife, who grew up around cats, wanted to get our daughters two kittens. I did not grow up with cats and though I was fine with the decision to get kittens, I was not particularly enthusiastic about having them in our home and taking care of them.

We went to a local cat shelter and since one of my daughters did not take well to the craziness of kittens, they suggested an older rescue cat. My wife and daughters gravitated towards Sadie – a fluffy mix of tabby, Maine coon and who knows what else.

She was somewhere between 1-3 years old and very shy. I was not enthralled – the shelter even had some reservations about our adoption of Sadie since they did not feel “everyone was on board” with the decision (i.e., me).

Once home, Sadie gradually came out of our shell and guess who she liked best? Yes, the man who was not on board became her favorite human – and somehow she turned me around and we have bonded ever since.

I am now a full-fledged cat dad and can’t imagine life without Sadie!

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