Guest Star Cat: Dakota – Our Special Girl

The following guest story has been submitted by Arlene B.:

Sixteen years ago my husband and I adopted a 15 week old tuxedo girl from a rescue group. That girl was to be his birthday present.

What a girl she turned out to be. Such a spoiled girl. She was beautiful with perfect tuxedo markings.

She loved us and we loved her back. She was smart and knew many words. She was never destructive. She was just plain good!

She was a picky eater and loved her treats. We called her “butter girl” sometimes because she recognized the container and always wanted a lick or two, especially during Sunday morning breakfasts. She liked to be brushed and often asked my husband to brush her.

She loved her mini cucumber box which she slept in on and off for over 10 years. She liked to snuggle in the evenings when we watched tv.
Sadly as she got older she had many health problems and she crossed the rainbow bridge on a Saturday morning, while we told her how much we loved her and what a good girl she was.
I know if she could talk to both of us now I think the following is what she would say;
“I couldn’t promise to be there for the rest of your life but I promise I loved you to the end of mine”


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Rest In Peace and run free sweet girl. You are so, so missed

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