Games for cats: Fun for your feline companion

Games for cats: Fun for your feline companion

Games for cats: have fun with your pet

A dog may be considered man’s best friend, but who’s to say a cat can’t be? We know their purrs and captivating gaze are as tender as they are mysterious, but there are a few tips to start creating an inseparable bond with your cat. One of them is to start playing with him. In today’s post we bring you the best games for cats so that boredom is never present.

Playing is essential for our felines to be healthy, but also to exercise their mind. Just like humans, when cats play, they are exercising their mind and their natural behavior. Ideally, you should play with your cat about twice a day for 15 minutes. But it also depends on the mood of the day.


Which cat games to choose?
Traditional cat games

The fishing rod

It is the basic toy that comes to mind when we imagine a game for cats. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

To play, it is as simple as moving the toy in front of our cat and let him try to catch it. Make sure he doesn’t get frustrated and let him catch the prey from time to time. This will help him gain self-confidence and be motivated to keep playing.


The ball

Although it is traditionally considered for dogs, it is also a good dynamic for cats.

To choose the ball, we have to make sure that the size, material and conditions are according to our cat’s preferences.

Starting to play will be as easy as throwing the ball for him to fetch it. Just as we would do with a dog, we will reward him if he brings the ball, teaching him the dynamics of the game.


Games for cats: scratching tree

Another classic is the scratching tree. It is very easy to assemble and use, and it fits in any corner of the house. The main advantage of this toy is that your feline will have something to scratch, so there will be no need for him to destroy wooden furniture.


Interactive cat toy

This toy is, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic. Surely you have seen a kind of feather duster about 20cm high that is placed on the floor. This toy contains a rattle inside, which makes it rattle as it moves. On the outside it is made of feathers; and besides exercising your cat’s body, it also stimulates its mind.


Automatic cat toy

This is a good way for your kitty to entertain himself without the need for you to be with him. This is ideal if you have to run some errands or just do something else for a while. These toys range from an LED pointer to circuits with balls and balls. They are all highly attractive colors and are in constant motion.


Any time of the year is a good time to surprise your friend with a toy, the hard part will be choosing among the games for cats.

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