Forgotten Felines: How Vanity is to Blame for Black Cats Failing to Find a Home This Christmas

Whether it’s as a fluffy companion or to benefit general wellbeing, owning a cat can be very rewarding. Yet, despite the nation’s affinity with feline friends, a new study1 has revealed that 82% of rescue centres find it more difficult to find black cats their ‘furever’ home, than cats of other colours.

With an estimated population of over 11 million cats2, felines are the second most commonly owned pet in the UK. Yet, when it comes to rescue cats, the study by Agria Pet Insurance reveals that vanity factors are playing a huge role in determining which cats are adopted. In fact, appearance or colour (59%) has been found as the most common reason for a cat to be denied a new home.

The top five reasons felines find it difficult to be rehomed are:

  1. Appearance or colour (59%)
  2. Behaviour (18%)
  3. Illness or disability (12%)
  4. Age (6%)
  5. Personality (6%)

This shocking statistic, means that many cats fail to find new homes purely for the way that they look, leaving a large number of healthy, loving cats alone this Christmas.

Karen Green, Rehoming Channel Manager at Agria Pet Insurance, says “It’s always so sad to hear that animals struggle to find homes for such insignificant reasons as their appearance. Rescue pets can make the most wonderful companions and we would urge anyone thinking of a new family member to consider adopting to give a loving animal a second chance.

“We work with hundreds of rescue partners across the UK, and they do report a common challenge that’s faced is finding loving, forever homes for black cats. Kittens are the easiest to rehome, however even black kittens prove more difficult. Overall, it is a sad fact that black felines take three to six months longer to be adopted than cats of other colours.”


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