Every Pet Has a Carbon Footprint But 85% Of Owners Are Unaware of Their Four-Legged Friend’s Impact

  •  4 in 10 pet owners (40%) are completely unaware that their pet even has a carbon footprint, according to new research
  • Whilst over a third (35%) of pet parents haven’t taken any steps to reduce their pet’s carbon footprint, almost half (43%) want to learn how to
  • To celebrate National Tree Week, Agria Pet Insurance is planting a tree for every new pet policy placed

2022: Though a third (35%) of pet owners admit to worrying about climate change every single day[1], a new study reveals that 40% are completely unaware that their pet has a carbon ‘pawprint’[2].

Just five per cent of pet parents have calculated their pet’s carbon footprint and whilst 35% admit that they haven’t taken any steps to reduce it, new research by Agria Pet Insurance discovered that almost half (43%) are interested in learning more about reducing their furry friend’s impact on the environment.

To support Brits on their journey to becoming more sustainable pet owners, Agria, the UK’s first carbon-positive pet insurer, is planting a tree for every new pet policy placed throughout National Tree Week (26th November to 4th December).

Partnering with Eco Offset Ltd to plant trees, Agria will provide each pet owner with a personalised certificate to show that a tree has been planted on their behalf, in their pet’s name.

Building on Agria’s heritage as a leader in sustainability, the initiative is an essential part of the pet insurer’s pledge to provide a legacy of love for pets and their places, with a commitment to preserve the environment, protect pets that need help and prevent pet suffering and ill-health.

Adam Henson, Cotswolds Farmer, rural TV presenter and Agria Pet Insurance Sustainability Ambassador, says: “It’s fantastic to see the research by Agria showing that pet owners are motivated to be more sustainable, with 43% keen to learn more about their pet’s carbon footprint – every paw in the right direction is a positive one!

“On my Cotswolds farm, we are taking major steps to reduce our carbon footprint, manage the land more sensitively and enhance biodiversity, as we all need to do our bit. That’s why, I’m excited for Agria’s tree-planting initiative this National Tree Week. I’m delighted that as part of the campaign, after offsetting both my own and my Hungarian Wire-haired Visla, Olive’s carbon footprint’s, Agria has planted 25 trees on our behalf! So, why not join them on the journey?!”

Janet Hughes, UK Sustainability Lead at Agria Pet Insurance, says: “Trees are so important to the health of our planet. They capture carbon, improve soil health and provide crucial habitats for our wildlife. We are delighted that together, with the pets that join the Agria family during National Tree Week, we’re continuing to contribute to the development of new forests around the world.

“When it comes to owning a pet, it is easy to get confused about what is and isn’t sustainable. Whilst almost 9 out of 10 (85%) owners don’t know what their pet’s carbon footprint is, it’s very encouraging to see so many of us are keen to understand and do more to reduce the impact our pet has on the environment.”

Pet owners identify the top carbon contributors as:

  1. Accessories such as, toys, bedding and leads
  2. Food
  3. Pet waste

Janet says: “As we continue on our mission to support people, the planet and our pets, Agria’s National Tree Week initiative is a fantastic way for us to highlight the small changes that us as pet owners can make to help protect the environment, whilst contributing towards a project that is protecting and preserving biodiversity worldwide.”

For more information on how to become a more sustainable pet owner, please visit: www.agriapet.co.uk/hub-agria-blog/2022/november/7-steps-to-reduce-your-pet-s-carbon-pawprints/

Or if you would like to offset your own pet, visit: www.ecooffset.org/offset/offset-your-pet


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