These are the main differences between a cat and a female cat

Normally, this is a factor that is not given much attention, but it is true that males and females have their differences. Of course, every cat is different and there may be exceptions in certain behaviors, but there are usually some general issues that apply to both.

What are they?  Small differences that males and females have in the feline world. In this article we are going to explain everything in detail, but remember that the most important thing is the education we give our cat together with love.

How do males behave?

Is it true that there is a unique character of males? Very possibly we cannot affirm this with 100% accuracy, but it is true that there are certain behaviors that are repeated.

One of the characteristic aspects of the male cat is that although he can be very sociable and affectionate, he always likes to take some time to be alone. Probably, if he lives in a house, he will go for a walk around the house and if he lives in a country house, he will go for a walk nearby.

Therefore, male cats are affectionate and love to receive love, but they always want to be alone for a while. They tend to be very active and enjoy playing, running, jumping, etc.

How do female cats behave?

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