Don’t Let Your Cat Make Your Hay Fever Worse

Many cat-owners could also be unaware of the truth that their feline good friend is making their hay fever worse by trailing pollen round the home. Nonetheless, there are some sensible issues you are able to do to assist. Airborne allergens professional, Max Wiseberg offers his prime ideas… 

“When your cat is outdoor their thick fur can simply gather a number of pollen. So after they return dwelling, they carry this pollen with them the place it will get on to furnishings, clothes, carpets and bedding. And very quickly your property shall be lined in pollen, triggering disagreeable hayfever signs.”

“Hay fever is a results of our immune system’s overreaction to innocuous particles equivalent to pollen,” explains Max. “The physique’s response to pollen is to supply histamines. Regular quantities of histamines in your mind are good – they maintain us alert, attentive and awake. However, when there are too many within the physique, they produce signs together with sneezing, a runny nostril, itchy and watery or streaming eyes, nasal congestion and a normal stuffed up feeling within the nostril and throat.”

“Some folks additionally expertise itching across the face and mouth,” says Max, “together with an itchy mouth, itchy roof of mouth, and a burning sensation within the throat. Complications and wheezing may also happen.”

“Avoiding the allergen is at all times key with any allergy, no matter it is likely to be. So here’s a choice of sensible ideas for cat house owners.”

“Preserve cats off sofas and beds, and out of the bed room altogether if attainable, as their fur collects pollen and transfers it from room to room.”

“Be certain that your cat is properly groomed and shampooed as a lot as attainable to take away pollen particles. This will even take away pet allergens. Make sure you brush your cat outdoors or get another person to brush them. You could possibly additionally use a moist material while grooming to assist gather extra pollen.”

“Use HayMax allergen barrier balm. The natural drug-free balm may be utilized to the nostrils and across the bones of the eyes within the morning, all through the day and at evening to entice mud and pet allergens and greater than a 3rd of pollen earlier than it enters the physique[1].”

“Vacuum and damp mud your property repeatedly, particularly beds and materials to take away pollen; damp dusting helps forestall pollen particles being redistributed into the air.”

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