Dog games: Fun for your pet.

There are certain games for dogs that your pet will enjoy the most, especially if he plays them with you. Here are some activities that will strengthen your bond and that you can enjoy together.

Running with your dog

If you are sporty, you might like Canicross. This activity simply consists of running cross-country in the company of a dog that is attached to the runner with a rope or bungee cord.

Games for dogs: Playing ball.

The classic game for dogs that they never get bored of. There are ways to play ball that don’t just consist of throwing the ball for the dog to catch. Some may be more difficult for the animal depending on its breed and degree of socialization and you may need a few hours of practice to master them.

There are several officially recognized disciplines, such as Flyball. In this sport, dogs compete along a track of fences to reach a box at the end of the course from which, when the dog presses a spring, a tennis ball comes out and the animal must pick it up to take it back to its handler by jumping over the fences. Flyball promotes speed, discipline and obedience and is ideal for hunting dogs or shepherds.

Another popular activity is Agility, in which the owner leads his dog along an obstacle course in a test in which both time and accuracy are valued. It is ideal for strengthening the bond between dog and owner.

Activities to have fun together: Dance with your dog.



You don’t have to spend time together just playing dog games, try something different! Canine musical freestyle is an increasingly popular official sport. Anyone can practice this discipline, which consists of performing rhythmic dance moves to music in the company of your dog. Some choreographies are very complex and detailed and, as a show, can be quite impressive.

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