Does Pet Insurance Cover Medication? Over The Counter, Perscription, Preventative & More

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Like humans, sometimes our dogs need medicine. Whether for preventive treatment, chronic issues, or one-time health concerns, medication can help us all maintain a more balanced, healthier life. But is medicine covered by pet insurance? And if so, are there any restrictions or limitations to the coverage? We’ll explain how pet insurance handles coverage for medication and which companies offer it.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Medicine?

Medicine is eligible for coverage through pet insurance policies, but there are some restrictions. Generally, vet-prescribed drugs are covered through insurance. However, some pet insurance companies may require you to upgrade plans or purchase an add-on for prescription coverage.

Prescription medications for pre-existing conditions aren’t eligible for coverage with any pet insurance provider. Additionally, medicine for wellness-related concerns is excluded from pet insurance policies unless you purchase a wellness plan for your dog.

*If not for a pre-existing condition.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Prescriptions?

Yes, prescriptions are generally eligible for coverage through pet insurance policies as long as the health condition is new, included in coverage, and any applicable waiting periods have passed.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Flea Medication & Heartworm Prevention?

Flea and heartworm preventative are excluded from accident and illness pet insurance policies. However, some companies allow you to purchase a wellness plan, which may include an allotment towards flea and heartworm preventative costs.

If your dog suffers a flea infestation, it will most likely be excluded from coverage because the condition is considered preventable through the use of flea treatment medication.

As for heartworm treatment, most pet insurance policies don’t cover it because it’s also considered preventable. However, there have been rare instances where dogs are on heartworm prevention, and they still contract the disease. Due to this, some pet insurance companies offer coverage for heartworm diagnosis. We also have more details about pet insurance coverage for heartworm.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Apoquel?

Apoquel is one of the most commonly prescribed medicines and is typically given to help a dog stop itching. Fortunately, Apoquel can be covered by pet insurance as long as the condition isn’t considered pre-existing.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Anxiety Medication?

Anxiety medication is also one of the most common medications prescribed to dogs. Coverage for anxiety drugs can be hit or miss by pet insurance companies because it can be classified as a behavioral condition. Some insurance policies exclude behavioral conditions, which means any medicine related to them is also excluded from coverage.

However, several pet insurance companies offer coverage for behavioral therapies (if not a pre-existing condition), including:

Which Pet Insurance Company Should I Choose?

All of the companies we compare in our pet insurance reviews include coverage for prescription medications. However, keep in mind that no companies cover pre-existing conditions, and medicines for ineligible conditions aren’t included in the coverage.

Wondering which provider may be the best fit for your dog and want to know what medication they cover? Get a free quote from our top insurance companies and reach out to them to find out before signing up.

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