If you are a cat owner, you have probably observed your pet coughing. If you’re looking for better ways to get to know your cat better, I’ll give you some basic tips that can help you understand your cat’s behaviour. Traditionally, cats are typically confronted with three different types of cough in different situations.

If you want to learn more about the different behaviours of cats and their cough, read this entire article as I will share some helpful information about your cat’s health.

dry cough:

The first major type of cat cough is a dry cough. This type has different symptoms as most people think it is usually due to a foreign body and bacteria reacting in the pet’s throat. Well, the main cause of this cough is the exact opposite of it. It usually occurs due to a tight neck collar, drinking water quickly, etc. This cough is actually an attempt by the pet to clear its throat.

A sharp cough:

Another important type of this health condition is a hard cough. This type isn’t that dangerous either, so don’t worry if you see your cat throwing up hairballs from coughing, as this is a normal routine. This cough usually occurs because of the cat’s hair. As you know, this pet likes to keep itself neat and clean, and for this, they usually lick their fur. When licking, the cat’s fur automatically sticks to the kitten’s tongue and stomach.

We all know that hair is indigestible and pets have a hard time digesting it, so they spit it out by coughing. You can get rid of this problem by grooming your cat every day

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