Cat litter boxes. Recommendations of which ones to use to avoid bad odors.

If you share your life with a kitten, you will know that among its “trousseau” are the cat litter boxes, that container in which it deposits its feces and urine, mainly in cases of kittens that live indoors.

When choosing the right litter box for our pet we must take into account certain aspects such as size or style, and always thinking about their own needs, not our tastes. It is obvious that depending on the weight, age or other characteristics of our pet, we can choose between one or another type of cat litter box, all with a common goal: to ensure the comfort of the animal. And of course, also, to avoid bad smells at home.



Types of cat litter boxes.

What is the perfect cat litter box for our cat, and will we get him to use it? It is a task in which we will have to be flexible, but the knowledge of the different types of sandboxes can perhaps guide us at the time of the election. Let’s see.

Basic sandboxes.

Sometimes the simplest is the most effective, why complicate with more sophisticated solutions if the simplest ones work? Basic sandboxes are uncovered, a simple tray that is easy to clean, usually takes up less space and is generally cheaper. A litter box of this type should be useful for our cat. And yet, when it comes to analyzing its disadvantages, we see that, since they are uncovered trays, bad odors could become more evident in the home. Likewise, when the animal digs, it is also possible that the remains come out and dirty everything around.

Covered sandboxes.

As a solution to the problems of basic litter boxes, and also as a way to give more privacy to our kitty, covered cat litter boxes appeared. They are more sophisticated, avoid bad smells at home and allow keeping litter under control. On the other hand, they are more difficult to clean and take up more space, so before getting one it is essential to be clear about what space in the house we are going to allocate to it and if we have enough space to place it. In cases where our cat is too big, the closed option could sometimes be more uncomfortable.

Automatic litter boxes.

More comfortable and practical when it comes to cleaning. They make our work easier, although not all cats feel comfortable in this type of room.

When it comes to choosing, it will be a matter of analyzing pros and cons. Perhaps you can first try a more basic litter box, and if the situation requires it, try other options. In any case, always ensure the comfort and convenience of your kitten.

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