Caring For Your Adopted Senior Dog

Thank you (gasp) thank you (gasp) thank you (lick lick lick)! I have a really good feeling about it. I don’t know about you (yet), but I think we’ve made a real connection. When I saw you coming in the direction I was running, I wagged my tail as hard as I could and gave my biggest smile. Luckily, your little girl noticed right away. When she tugged at your sleeve and you glanced at me, I knew immediately that you knew I was the one who came home with your family today.

Besides, how far are we from home? It feels good to say that and be serious. I’m going home! Did you notice how calm I drove the car? It is nothing. Wait until you see me around the kids – our kids and the neighbors’ kids. Just wait till you see how I greet the guests who come to your home. Walk on the line. Stay home alone. Well, I have enough time to show you everything I can to make you happy that you chose me today. I know I will do my best to make this my last home and a happy home there. If you need help figuring out what to offer me, I’ll be happy to let you know.

First off, I’m sure you know I’m not a puppy. In fact, I’m a bit old in the dog pedigree, and some even call me an older dog. But don’t let that make you doubt your decision. I know I still have a few very good years to go, especially as I end up living in this very happy family. So, apart from that, I have some tips, hints, and advice to help me adjust to my new home, my new family, my new life.

When we got home I really wanted a good, relaxing tour of the house and garden. Not too excited yet. I have to adjust slowly. If you have other pets at home, introduce me one by one and keep us both on a lead. Or in an aquarium. Or birdcages. Then I want you to show me to the whole family. I’m sure our family is more than just you and your very friendly little girl.

Then maybe I should take a break. I hope you can give me a nice corner that I can call my refuge. It’s nice if you have a dog crate. I have been crate trained since childhood and really enjoyed lying on a nice soft bed in my crate. You do have a thick, quilted pillow for me to sleep on, don’t you? My joints are not like they used to be, and when I lie on cold tiles or concrete, I feel pain.

After the break, please don’t mind if I follow you. I need to see your routine. The sounds and smells of the house. Interactions of our relatives.

And don’t be offended if I stay inconspicuous for the first few days. I just need to find my location in the package. And don’t feel like you have to spoil me all the time (sometimes sometimes). I won’t ask you to pay too much attention to it. But please include me in your day as much as possible. You and I will be best friends.

As for feeding times, please don’t go into detail. I like the smell of dog food. Especially the one from the pet store. And if you’re not asking too much, can you spend as much as you can so I can get all the good stuff I need to stay healthy for as long as possible. I am sure you will like it too. That’s what the shelter gave me, and I’m used to it. I usually eat leftover food and canned dog food.

So when I first came to downtown I couldn’t even eat that kind of food. But the nice people there put some water on the food (I’ve heard people say it’s “lean chicken soup”) and it tastes so much better. Then they started putting something hot in what they called “rice” and eventually I got used to it. And because they put less and less rice and broth in the food, I adapted so that after a while I was happy to eat it as it is.

Oh and of course I occasionally enjoy dog ​​food the way you think I deserve it. Another very important thing. Please don’t give me too much food. I tend to eat whatever is presented to me. And I don’t want to get fat. Especially at this stage of my life. Staying slim and healthy is very important. However, you can always have some fresh, clean water on hand. I am constantly thirsty and I know that water is good for my health.

While we discuss health issues, I hope we can find a really good dog doctor for me. I have all the pictures I clearly needed at the shelter, and I’ve heard that at least some of them can last for the rest of my life. Also, my teeth are not as sharp and white as they used to be and I may have to do something about it someday. Like I said, I want to live as long as possible. I may even need other medications as I get older. If it’s not too demanding

You and I do some dog and owner training. How cool would it be if I could sit, come, chop, bark and don’t bark and take me however you want? I believe we can do that and more.

Can we get a brightly colored collar with a shiny label with my name and brand new address on it. I’d never run away on purpose, but you never know when we’ll be apart, especially if we go to one of those dog parks I’ve heard of.

When it comes to dog parks, being together is the most important thing you and I can do together. I want you to thank you today for choosing my lucky star of every day. You just did something amazing. You are giving a very happy and dignified (if I do say so myself) dog another chance to be a happy member of a happy family. I will do my best to make our time together special and fun. After all, that’s what dogs are for, isn’t it?

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