Can Owning a Cat Improve Mental Health?

All cat homeowners know the way good their cats make them really feel, and they’re a relentless supply of pleasure for a lot of. However does this constructive feeling crossover to psychological well being? In addition to the great emotions that cats give us, is there any proof that cats might help enhance psychological well being? It seems that sure, there are some stable research displaying that proudly owning a cat can considerably enhance the psychological well being of the proprietor.

In fact, it’s value mentioning that almost all of this analysis is correlational, which means that it might merely be that individuals who determine to get cats within the first place are merely a cheerful group of individuals (no disagreements right here!).

Common Effectively-Being:

Whereas merely watching cat movies is sufficient to convey a smile to nearly anybody’s face, there are some verifiable psychological advantages to proudly owning a cat. A 2015 examine in Australia involving 92 cat homeowners and 70 non-pet homeowners surveyed the contributors on components like sleep, nervousness, melancholy, and psychological well being. Cat homeowners had considerably greater scores for normal psychological well being than those that didn’t personal cats.

Cats may assist decrease stress and nervousness with the straightforward act of play. There’s proof that enjoying with cats might help decrease blood stress and loosen up the nervous system, and the final low upkeep of cats makes them a neater pet to take care of and, thus, much less hectic than different pets.

In fact, proudly owning any pet might help scale back loneliness, and cats might help present companionship to those that would in any other case stay alone. Not solely that however having your feline sleep with you possibly can assist present a way of consolation, resulting in a greater evening’s sleep general.

Cats may be nice for teenagers too, and in a survey of two,200 kids aged 11–15, it was discovered that children who fashioned tight bonds with their felines had an general greater high quality of life, feeling extra energetic and attentive in school. Dr. Lorna Whittemore, a veterinarian at, agrees with these findings. Dr. Whittemore states, “cats are constantly within the prime three favourite pets worldwide, for good cause. The shut bond that many individuals have with their cats provides a mutually useful relationship. Care and security for the cat, and companionship and well-being for the cat guardian.”

Cats and Our Total Well being:

There’s fear amongst cat homeowners about parasites, and whereas this isn’t an unfounded concern, there’s additionally some proof that cats can truly be good for our well being. In a 13-year examine involving nearly 4,500 contributors, cat homeowners had been much less prone to endure from hypertension and ldl cholesterol, and had a decrease BMI general, which even lowered the chance of coronary heart assaults.

One other a lot smaller examine from the College of Pennsylvania adopted 24 new cat homeowners and surveyed them over the following 10 months. The contributors confirmed a discount in complications, again ache, and colds—though these advantages appeared to wane as time went on.

The Therapeutic Energy of the Purr:

A cat’s purr is within the 20–140 Hz vary, which is medically therapeutic for people, and it’s even been proven that this frequency assists in bone progress in cats. If this purring can heal bones, it’s not tough to think about what it may well do for stress, nervousness, and different psychological situations in people.

Cats as Remedy Animals:

Due to all of the above-mentioned constructive facets of cat possession, cats are a preferred remedy animal, with all kinds of sufferers and use circumstances. Cats might help folks affected by PTSD, dementia, and habit, serving to on each a psychological and bodily degree.

Cats are additionally getting used for animal-assisted interventions, and light-hearted interactions with pets are scientifically proven to supply not less than short-term reduction from stress and nervousness. Whereas this has up to now been largely confined to canines, current surveys have steered that cats may be simply as useful too. Interactions with cats present emotional assist and might scale back detrimental moods a lot that they’re nearly akin to a human companion. Dr. Whittemore reiterates that “watching a cat’s playful antics or snuggling up collectively can convey happiness in addition to well being advantages to cat guardians.”

So, whereas there’s nonetheless so much left to find, there’s definitely some proof that felines can certainly assist enhance the psychological well being of their homeowners!

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