The short reply: Cat meals will not be poisonous for canines to eat. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable as a meal substitute on your canine’s every day meals. Whereas an occasional meaty cat meals snack is protected, giant portions — or strictly feeding your pet food that’s meant for cats — isn’t supreme.

Although cat and pet food could seem interchangeable, they’re truly formulated in several ways in which fulfill every species’ dietary necessities. Cats are “obligate carnivores,” that means that it’s a organic requirement for them to devour meat recurrently. Canine, nevertheless, are omnivores and must eat a combination of plant-based meals along with meat to be wholesome.

Whereas your canine may be okay chowing down on cat kibble periodically (some canines in all probability consider it as a delicacy) they wouldn’t get the sufficient vitamins their physique requires in the event that they solely eat cat meals. Consuming solely cat meals can result in poor well being, affecting your canine’s total high quality of life. 

What to Do if Your Canine Eats Cat Meals

In case your canine inadvertently will get right into a small quantity of cat meals, there’s no want to fret (except they’ve allergy symptoms to any of the elements within the cat meals) as a result of cat meals will not be poisonous. Canine who’ve consumed giant quantities of cat meals could expertise gastrointestinal upset, lethargy, fever, and a distended, delicate abdomen. In case your canine experiences these signs for greater than 24 hours, it’s essential to go to the vet.

Moreover, canines that eat cat meals – in addition to those who have a excessive meat, low fiber weight loss program — can grow to be overweight and over time develop pancreatitis. So hold your canine on their very own dog-specific meal plan, as it’s formulated particularly with their omnivorous dietary wants in thoughts.

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